Ottawa News Canada Added 21,000 Jobs In September

Ottawa News: Canada Added 21,000 Jobs In September

Following a decline in August, Statistics Canada reported on Friday that employment was little altered in September, with both full-time and part-time jobs remaining stable. It also stated that 92,000 fewer individuals were working in September compared to May 2022, the last time employment increased.

According to the agency, the employment rate for core-aged mothers with at least one child under 18 was 79.9% in September, its highest level for the month of September since 1976 and up 2.1 percentage points compared to September 2019. This was after the majority of Covid-19-related public health measures were lifted and as parents and children began to settle back into the daily routine of school.

According to the organisation, the employment rate for dads in the same age group was 93.5%, the highest level for the month of September since 1981. Women were more likely than men to have made a career or job-related decisions that prioritised childcare duties, despite having a record-high employment rate.

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According to data from the Labour Force Survey for the week of September 11–17, 14.9% of mothers with children under the age of 16 who are core-aged were twice as likely as their male counterparts to have decided not to apply for a job or a promotion during the previous 12 months (7.1 per cent). In addition, compared to 4% of fathers, 7.6% of moms declined a job offer over the preceding year because of childcare obligations.