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Fan art: Rejoice and get out there! Our Flag Means Death will return for a second season. After months of worry from fans and creators, the news came out at the beginning of June. Even though it took a while, it’s not too surprising, given how much love the show has been getting on social media and how popular other HBO Max shows are getting. At the end of April, the show had been at the top of Parrot Analytics’ weekly list of the most popular shows for five weeks. And since it ended on a bit of a cliffhanger, even the people who made it are excited to see what comes next.

In an interview with The Los Angeles Times in early April, Taika Waititi, who plays Blackbeard and is also the show’s executive producer and director of the pilot, said, “I don’t know anything. Just because it makes sense, I think they should. Also, I want to know what happens next. [Laughs]” Unfortunately, HBO hasn’t said when it will come out yet. In an end-of-season interview with Polygon, David Jenkins, the creator of Our Flag Means Death, said that the scripts haven’t been written yet. Jenkins and the rest of the cast and crew have talked about what they’d like to see in the breakout show, so at least we know it’s coming. Here’s what we know so far about the second season of Our Flag Means Death.

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Our Flag Means Death story

It’s great, and the stories really stand out. There are at least four different stories going on, which makes me think, “Whew, that’s a lot!” But it reads very well. Because pirates are criminals, I think it’s fun for me to build this show so that there are times when it’s really violent, times when it’s really broad and really laugh-out-loud funny, and times when we just settle in and get to see how people feel.

I’m happy as long as all three of those things change. One may be more important in a given episode, but as long as all three are there, the show is healthy and working. Waititi did tell Decider that he had a problem with the costumes for season 2: “I felt like no one would talk to me with all that hair and beard,” he said. “It was sweltering. I would sit in this little tent with the air conditioner on. I’d feel sad and alone.”


It doesn’t seem likely, given how much Nathan Foad enjoyed playing the part and how the story was told in general. But when Collider asked Jenkins, he just said, “You have to wait.”

When his contract was renewed, Foad kept being funny:

Stede and Ed’s future in Season 2 is still up in the air.

Stede returns to pirate life in season one after breaking up (in a way) with his girlfriend at the end of season one. It was only after discovering someone he loved and felt love toward that Darby told Indiewire that “he started to feel” both physically and emotionally. Because he’d never felt more alive in his entire life until he was close to death, I think he’s going back out to sea. When it comes to finding Ed, I think he’s going to look for the gang, get back on board and feel love in whatever sense that means to him,” he explains.

As a result of their split, Ed went in the other direction of what he used to do. Finally, he goes back to being Blackbeard and hardens himself against the world: he cuts off Izzy, maroons members of Stede’s crew he does not use and even attacks those he does. This is his ultimate act in the season 1 finale.”

Jenkins said to Decider, “The show is the romance. This breakup is where we come to an end, then. When two individuals split up, what happens when one of them realises he’s in love and the other is hurt in a manner he’s never been hurt before? In a world of action and pirates, where they’re attempting to reunite, what effect does that have on each of them? That being said, “rom-com beats” are among of my favourites.

Our Flag Means Death still of Ed stroking Stede’s cheek with his hand
Jenkins is steadfast in his belief that Ed and Stede’s romance in Our Flag Means Death is the central focus of the novel. But that doesn’t imply their problems will be fully fixed in season 2; as he told Polygon ahead of the finale, he’s thinking more long-term:

Three seasons is a decent number for me. The task should be completed in three hours, according to my estimation. Really, in the writing room, the way you see the story evolves dramatically. Your method is flawed if it does not work. There are so many brilliant authors with their own stories to tell, and when you talk to them about the season as a whole, you realise: “Oh my gosh! There’s so much more here.” Although my gut tells me it’ll take us no more than three. Stede and Blackbeard’s relationship to one other fascinates me and makes me want to develop a show about it. To me, that’s what ties the whole thing together. You may not want to watch this for five or six seasons, in my opinion.

In what context does the love story take place?

However difficult it may be for Stede to reclaim Ed, his first mate may not make it any easier. Izzy’s commitment to Ed’s wild side is something Jenkins believes is strongly entrenched in her own sort of adoration when she got Ed to revert to full Blackbeard form. And while he agrees that Con O’Neill’s Izzy is “playing the sole human with a bunch of Muppets,” there’s clearly menace underlying that affection.

He feels “like the jilted spouse who’s losing his man to Stede Bonnet and can’t believe this is happening to Izzy,” Jenkins said to The Verge in April. This character could seem generally wicked, but Con O’Neill’s performance makes it seem like he’s believable because he’s fatigued.” “I think he could do some harm if he decided to.”

Does our flag mean Death Season 2 based on the true story of the Pirates of the Caribbean

As joyful as the song “Our Flag Means Death” is, Blackbeard and Bonnet’s real-life stories are bleaker. In the end, though, Jenkins isn’t convinced that the show is actually reexamining the historical record. “You wouldn’t want to encounter the real Blackbeard,” he says. The real Blackbeard was a rapist who gave his female slaves to his henchmen. He was a slave owner in the real world. As Jenkins told The Verge, “we have to be really explicit about the fact that these people were disgusting when we tell their tales.

For us, it was important to have a show where the characters’ colour or sexual orientation didn’t immediately lead to a traumatising plot line. The real conclusion of Blackbeard and Bonnet’s relationship wasn’t as “generous” as season 1’s, according to Jenkins, who spoke to The Wrap in April. ‘In actuality, their split was a nasty one. After that, they didn’t see each other again.”

Are there any more Spanish JACKIE’S HUSBANDS that we’ll get to know?

Since there are so many, it appears like an easy bet. There may be a backstory to Jackie’s name, according to Leslie Jones, who recently spoke with TV Insider. “I suppose it has something to do with a male, with one of her ex-husbands or whatever, since I don’t think she is Spanish.”


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