Overnight A Well-Known Illinois Bakery Is Damaged By Fire

Overnight, A Well-Known Illinois Bakery Is Damaged By Fire

In St. Clair County, Illinois, not far from O’Fallon, a fire destroys a house early on Monday. Just after 7:00 a.m., crews received the call that home on Simmons Lane near Bethel Road was on fire. When they got there, the house was entirely on fire.

Cody Davis, the assistant chief for the Hollywood Heights Fire Protection District, claimed to have arrived first. He explained that the fire was so intense that he immediately requested mutual aid, which resulted in the arrival of workers from the Collinsville Fire Department and the O’Fallon Fire Protection District.

Although firefighters could put out the fire, the house had been destroyed. According to Davis and the residents’ relatives, three humans and three dogs lived at home. As far as we know, two of the persons are reportedly out of state, but the third, a 30-year-old guy, was at home when the fire began.

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Authorities revealed that although he managed to escape unscathed, he had wounded his arm on the glass while attempting to free three dogs from the house. One of the dogs, according to Davis, has been located, but the other two are still missing as of the time of this writing.

Davis also stated that he believes the fire began in the living room; however, the state fire marshal has been contacted to assist in identifying the cause. The fire marshal has been called in to look into the grounds partly because, according to Davis, there had been some problems at the house in the past.