Palo Alto Twins Died In Redwood City Automobile Crash

Palo Alto Twins Died In Redwood City Automobile Crash

The parents of twin daughters who died Friday night in a serious vehicle accident are being mourned throughout the neighbourhood. According to a family member, the couple, who started dating in middle school, were “high school sweethearts.”

Just before 8 o’clock on Friday night, a catastrophic incident involving two cars and seven passengers claimed the lives of Gregory Ammen, 44, and Grace Spiridon, 42, both Palo Alto natives and inhabitants of San Carlos. According to Michael Ammen, a fast-moving automobile struck Ammen and Spiridon as they made a left turn onto Finger Avenue from El Camino Real.

Madison and Olivia, their 7-year-old daughters who were also in the car at the time of the crash, were taken to Stanford Hospital with minor injuries and released on Sunday. A 17-year-old driver and two passengers in the second car were hurt, but not seriously.

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According to Michael Ammen, the girls’ uncle and Gregory’s younger brother, the couple resided in Eaton Hills with their kids. At Dolby, Gregory Ammen worked as an audio engineer, and Spiridon was employed by Google. Support the local news that you rely on.

Your involvement is significant. Enrol right away. According to Michael, Ammen and Spiridon “loved their daughters more than anything in the world,” and they also enjoyed live music, biking, hiking, and other outdoor activities. “Michael Ammen described his brother as “a beacon of goodness, light, and love in the world. Greg always placed Grace and his family first.”

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The pair, affectionately referred to as “The G’s” by their friends, “was the life of every party they attended, “Added he. They served as social magnets, drawing people together for enjoyment from all walks of life (work, school, etc.).

Growing up in Palo Alto, Ammen and Spiridon attended the same middle school, but their friendship didn’t blossom until Palo Alto High School, according to their acquaintances. Spiridon was a member of the Class of 1998, whereas Ammen graduated from Paly in 1996.

A lifetime relationship that was admired by both friends and family was characterised by Spiridon’s friend Maura McCarthy as beginning with a shared crush and numerous dates in college. A model partnership for me, according to McCarthy, they really regarded each other with such high affection and regard.

She claimed that Grace “truly embraced her name” and recalled how the buddy used to assist her with her arithmetic homework, bring McCarthy over for the holidays, and share snacks on bike trips to soccer practice.

Remain informed. Receive the most recent local news and information in your email. In junior high, “we shared a pair of Doc Martens,” she said. “We shared our allowance and had the same shoe size. She would receive them on some days of the week while I did.”

Spiridon was referred to by McCarthy as more of a sister and an essential component of both her and many other people’s lives. She said, “I’m shattered. It’s challenging to recall any recollection from college, high school, or any other time in my life without Grace.

A close friend of more than three decades, Stephanie King, characterised Spiridon as the “quintessential parent,” a superb baker, and a tireless worker. She recounted decades of shared memories with Spiridon, who she claimed was well-loved and a treasured friend to everyone who knew her. These memories included birthday mixtapes and mother-daughter meals, as well as middle school basketball games and their first concerts as teenagers.

She claimed that Amman and Spiridon were the kind to go above and above for one another and their girls, arranging extravagant surprise birthday celebrations and camping excursions. It’s terrible that they were taken away in this manner, she remarked. “You can’t help but feel bad for Grace and Greg’s parents, who have lost their children in such a terrible catastrophe. for the young women who are raising themselves without their parents.”

According to King, taking care of the girls had turned into a motivating factor for both friends and family. She said, “I want them to have as many possibilities as they can.” These girls shouldn’t ever be in need because their parents were taken away from them, says the speaker.

Liza Spiridon, Spiridon’s sister, set up a GoFundMe to help the twin daughters, and it has already generated more than $185,000. In the fundraising, Liza Spiridon stated that “the world lost two lovely beings, and leaves two amazing girls without parents.” By allocating funds for the care of their adorable 7-year-old kids, we would like to honour them.

Michael Ammen, a father of two, expressed his “overwhelming gratitude for the outpouring of support from Greg and Grace’s countless friends as well as the community.” They are appreciative of their friends and family, particularly Ammen and Spiridon’s parents who live nearby, and are “taking it one day at a time,” he said.

He declared, “There is an exceptionally solid support system in place for the girls.” Police Chief Dan Mulholland and Mayor Giselle Hale of Redwood City jointly issued a statement on Monday afternoon.

In the statement, Hale expressed his condolences to the two young children who sadly lost their parents on behalf of the Redwood City City Council. “Students, families, and first responders who offered emergency help at the scene have access to grief and stress counselling.”

More details will be made public as soon as they become available, according to Mulholland, who noted that this is still a highly active and ongoing inquiry. “The severity of this loss cannot be adequately expressed in words. Together, we are all mourning this tragedy.”

Parents Chris and Adrienne Ammen, brother Mike Ammen, mother Nana Spiridon, sister Liza Spiridon, and numerous other friends and family members survive the couple.