Paris Hilton Net Worth 2022 Is She The Richest Living Hilton

Paris Hilton Net Worth 2022 Is She The Richest Living Hilton?

This page has information about Paris Hilton’s net worth, biography, age, husband, height, weight, and a lot more. Paris Hilton is an American media personality, socialite, businesswoman, model, singer, DJ, and actress with a net worth of $310 million. Paris Hilton is one of the most famous and successful people in the United States. She comes from the Hilton family and is a very successful and well-known woman all over the world.

Paris Hilton is a very successful actress, businesswoman, DJ, model, singer, and many other things. Her family is famous for starting the Hilton hotel chain, and she does a good job running the family business. Paris Hilton is also a great writer. Her first book, Confessions of an Heiress, came out in the same year and was a huge success. It also helped her get roles in movies. Paris Hilton has also won many awards and honors, like the Teen Choice Awards, the Fox Reality Awards, and many more.

Paris Hilton’s net worth?

Paris Hilton is an heiress, a socialite, a model, an actress, and a business owner who was born in New York. At the time this was written, she was worth $300 million. Paris Hilton is the great-granddaughter of Conrad Hilton, who started the Hilton Hotel chain. However, she has made her own money by building a very successful empire of endorsements and products that are very popular overseas.

Her licensing empire now includes stores all over the world that sell clothes, handbags, perfumes, and more with the Paris brand. So far, she’s been the face of 17 fragrances that have brought in more than $2 billion in gross sales. In fact, most of Paris’s net worth comes from royalties from her perfumes. She most likely gets 20–30% of the money made.

 Paris Hilton Personal Life

Paris Whitney Hilton has a lot of money and fame in the United States. Paris Hilton was born on February 17, 1981, in New York City, which is in the United States. Rick and Kathy Hilton had a child named Hilton. Her father is a businessman, and her mother was an actress as a child and is now a socialite. She was born into a family with four other children, so it was pretty big.

She was the oldest of her brothers and sisters. Since she was a child, she has lived in a very fancy way. Hilton spent part of her childhood in New York City. Later, she moved to Beverly Hills and then back to New York. When she lived in Los Angeles, she often called herself a “tomboy.” She has also finished her schooling there.

Paris Hilton Early Life

Because Paris Hilton moved around a lot when she was young, she went to many different schools. Paris Hilton finished grade school at St. Paul the Apostle School. She went to different schools after that, finishing high school at Palm Valley School. She went to the Convent of the Sacred Heart later to learn how to act. Paris Hilton was born in New York City, United States, on February 17, 1981. Her mother is a socialite and used to be an actress. Her father is in business. She also has Nicky, Barron, and Conrad, who are all younger than her.

The hotel chain Hilton was started by Paris Hilton’s great-grandfather. As a child, Paris was friends with Kim Kardashian, Ivanka Trump, and Nicole Richie. She grew up in Los Angeles and went to elementary school at Buckley School and St. Paul the Apostle School. During high school, Paris went to a lot of different schools, including one for teens with emotional problems. At one point, she even dropped out.

Paris Hilton’s Career

Several things are linked to Paris Hilton. In 1996, she started her career as a model. In her early years, Paris was a very successful model. She was also in the Late Night scene in New York City. She became a model when she was 19 years old. It is known that she worked for Trump Model Management, which is owned by Donald Trump. People liked and loved her pictures, which made her quite well-known.

The movie “1 Night in Paris,” which she was in, made her a worldwide star. She later worked on many TV shows, such as The Simple Life (2003–2007), House of Wax (2005), and Paris, Not France (2008). She also sings. Her first album, called Paris, came out in 2006. She has written two books and has been on a podcast. Paris Hilton has won a lot of awards, including Teen Choice Awards, AVN Awards, Golden Raspberry Awards, Fox Reality Awards, and more.

Assets of Paris Hilton

Home: Paris Hilton is worth a lot of money in the United States. She owns several pieces of real estate in the United States, including a huge mansion in Beverly Hills. Paris Hilton also owns many other homes in Los Angeles, Las Vegas, New York, Washington, D.C., and other places.

Paris Hilton is a well-known person who owns a lot of cars and has a big collection of them. Hilton has cars like the Mercedes-Maybach GLS, Bentley Continental GT, Jaguar F type, Aston Martin, Rolls Royce, Lamborghini, and so on.


Americans know a lot about Paris Hilton. She is famous because she comes from the Hilton family. She is a very successful businesswoman who does great things. Her grandparents started a number of businesses for her, which she now runs. She is also an author, an actress, a media personality, and does a lot more. Paris Hilton has been a model for a long time. Before she was on TV and in movies, she was a model.