People Killed In Car Accident

Funeral Rituals For People Killed In Car Accident, Comal County

After dying in a collision in Comal County, five family members are now resting in peace. On January 22, a total of seven persons passed away. Hector Daniel Jaimes spoke about his loved ones before their funeral.

You can see a tweet in which prayers are asked for the family of five who lost their lives in a car crash in Comal County, Texas:

“Nancy Olvera Gonzales really loved to do party decorations that were her side entrepreneur thing. But she was my mom and my dad,” 

Jaimes stated about his mother, who was 44 years old.

Nearly two weeks had passed since Jaimes lost mum, his stepdad, two brothers, and his youngest sister before the viewing and funeral service. Jaimes is determined to respect them.

Regarding his 17-year-old brother Christian Eduardo Jaimes, Jaimes remarked,

“Christian, he has autism. But that didn’t stop him. He’s always happy, you know, you know, going around saying hi to everyone,”

Diego enjoys Roblox and soccer. The man claimed that Diego Fernando Perez Olvera, 8, is wearing his soccer gear right now.

People Killed In Car Accident
People Killed In Car Accidents

“Zia, we call her Giulietta, that’s her middle name. She was like my mom. About 6-year-old Zia Giulietta Perez Olvera, he added, “And the way my mom raised her to kind of be like her.”

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The chapels of the Castillo Funeral Home were crowded with their loved ones who were weeping and clinging to one another.

About his 39-year-old stepfather, he referred to him as “Albertin Olvera Gonzalez.”

“Having a stepdad, I was distant from him. But, you know, over time, we got to talk every now and then. So, you know, we I could I can say he is my dad.”

Mia Olvera Gonzalez, 12, is the only survivor of the collision that killed the two people in the other car as well as everyone else in the car with her. She is in a wheelchair and undergoing significant physical treatment at home after leaving the hospital.

“Mia’s a strong 12-year-old girl. But I’ll probably cry more than her. And I’ll tell her like, hey, it’s okay to cry, too,”  Jaimes replied.

Her current guardian is her oldest brother. Jaimes pledges to be her parents. Jaimes promises to use their mother’s courage and memory to help them get through the challenging times that lie ahead.

It will be a long path, but Jaimes declared,

“It’s a long journey ahead, but I’m going to get through it no matter, no matter how hard it is, no matter how many bad days, you know, I got to do it for my family.”

The Department of Public Safety is currently looking into the crash’s cause. In their original account, the other driver struck the car belonging to Jaimes’ family.

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