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Perez Hilton’s Net Worth And His Salary?

Perez Hilton's Net Worth And His Salary

Perez Hilton's Net Worth And His Salary

Forbes Web Celeb says that gossip blogger Perez Hilton (whose real name is Mario Lavandeira) has ruled the world of Web celebrities for three years. He is thought to be worth about $30 million.

The person who runs “Hollywood’s most hated website” is known for posting gossip about musicians, actors, and other famous people. He is also known for posting tabloid pictures with his captions or “doodles” on top of them. More than 7.2 million people visit the site every month, making it one of the 500 most-visited sites on the Internet. More than 1.77 million people follow Hilton on Twitter.

Perez Hilton’s Net Worth

Perez Hilton is an actor and blogger from the United States. His net worth is $20 million. Perez Hilton has had a lot of success in the entertainment news business, even though he is sometimes seen as a controversial figure. He is best known for his celebrity news and gossip blog, Perez Hilton is a well-known actor and writer who also has a blog.

On March 23, 1978, Mario Armando Lavandeira Jr. was born in Miami, Florida. Mario was raised by Cuban parents and went to a Catholic school for boys only. He grew up in places like Little Havana and Westchester. After Mario graduated from high school in 1996, he got a scholarship to attend New York University. Lavandeira’s first plan was to become an actor.

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Perez Hilton’s  Personal Life

Three of Hilton’s children were born to surrogate mothers. His small family lives in a stylish West Hollywood villa from the 1920s that cost $2 million.

But his life was never simple. Because of what he does, he has been in many lawsuits. The one that may have been the biggest was a $7.5 million copyright case against a photo company called X17Online. Perez lost but kept the amount of the settlement secret.

Perez Hilton’s  Early Career

After she graduated from New York University in 2000, Hilton tried to get into the acting business, but she soon found that blogging was more her style. He worked as a freelance writer and editor for some magazines and organizations, like the LGBT rights group GLAAD and the gay men’s magazine Instinct.

At first, Lavandeira’s blog was just something she did for fun. He once said that during the mid-2000s, many people blogged about themselves, but he chose to write about famous people instead because their lives were more interesting. The first name of his blog was After six months, The Insider called it “Hollywood’s most hated website.” Of course, there’s no such thing as bad publicity, and the site got so much attention so quickly that its servers couldn’t handle it.

Perez Hilton

At this point, the blog was called instead of the old name. The site’s new name came from Paris Hilton, one of Lavandeira’s favorite celebrities. Lavandeira also used the pen name “Perez Hilton” for himself and said he was “the Latin version of Paris Hilton.”

Over the years, has grown into a potent force that can’t ignore. Those on Lavandeira’s “good side” get many good things. The blogger says he is friends with several famous people, including Paris Hilton. When these celebrities are on the site, they often get good comments and praise in general.

Lavandeira has also shown that she can help famous people build their careers. Mika, a singer Lavandeira’s favorite, became more well-known in North America after she was written about favorably on

On the other hand, if a celebrity makes Lavandeira an enemy, it can be terrible for their careers. Lavandeira has a knack for discovering dirty things about people, especially regarding sexual orientation or photos that show too much. This dishonest and biased approach to entertainment journalism (which has never been a fine art) has led many well-known people to criticize

Even though didn’t do very well at first, he put all of his time and energy into it, working 17-hour days to publish 30 gossip stories in 24 hours. After performing this fast for a few weeks, the site started to take off. By 2007, the site had 2.6 million unique visitors per month, making it one of the top ten digital entertainment news sites on the web. Even though wasn’t as popular as it used to be, it was still the 1,234th most visited site in the world in 2014.

Perez Hilton Earnings

In 2007, it was said that the amount of money made from ads was very high. Perez Hilton charged $9,000 per week for a single ad and $45,000 per week for his most expensive ad package. Even though the site isn’t as big as it was at its peak, it is still said to make a lot of money. When Perez’s location was at its most famous, he was reportedly offered $50 million to sell it. He declined.


Over the years, has been at the center of a lot of trouble. In 2007, he wrongly said that Fidel Castro, the president of Cuba, had died. He said that US officials would soon say that Castro had died. The announcement never came, and after Lavandeira said they were the first major news outlet to report the story, Castro gave a speech where he laughed off rumors that he had died.

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