Peru Protests Demonstrators Descend on Lima, Killing More

Peru Protests: Demonstrators Descend on Lima, Killing More

Peru Protests: Demonstrators Descend on Lima, Killing More: During demonstrations against Peruvian President Dina Boluarte, at least three more fatalities are reportedly confirmed. After former leader Pedro Castillo was overthrown, weeks of protests resulted in the deaths of dozens of people.

In the capital city of Lima, where thousands of demonstrators from rural areas had gathered for days, police deployed tear gas to scatter the masses. In the southern village of Macusani, where a police station allegedly caught fire, a woman passed away.

According to emergency services, the 35-year-old woman was admitted to the hospital without any vital signs. According to Peru’s human rights organization, the northern La Libertad area blockades have been blamed for two more deaths.

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According to a tweet, a 51-year-old woman had passed away, and “a teenager lost her baby.” The fatalities occurred before a significant demonstration scheduled on Thursday afternoon in the capital. Thousands of indigenous people from the highlands converged to the city, according to journalist Neil Giardino, who told the BBC that “rage indignation made its way to Lima.”

“Every day, more people from the south are arriving to push the state to recognize our rights,” said a driver from the city of Cusco in south-eastern Peru who traveled to Lima to participate in the protests. There is so much suffering, the man remarked, adding that young people have perished, dads of two and three children have passed away, and women have become widows.

“Instead of protecting us, our soldiers and police are killing us. It stings so bad. How can they murder us for standing up to defend our nation? Never have we stolen from our nation. We are solely interested in bettering ourselves to create a better nation.”

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Demonstrators call for Ms. Boluarte to leave office, call new elections, and free Mr. Castillo, her left-wing predecessor, from prison. The southern Puno, Cusco, and Apurimac area governors have also demanded the president step down. Years of political unrest in the nation culminated last month when Mr. Castillo was detained for attempting to dissolve Congress.

He is under investigation for alleged conspiracies and insurrection. He insists that he is still the lawful president of the nation and refutes all of the allegations. Ms. Boluarte has defied calls for her resignation and earlier this week urged Peruvians to hold peaceful protests.