Peter Krause Dating 2022 Relationship Timeline

Peter Krause Dating 2022: Relationship Timeline

After her breakup with Peter Krause, Lauren Graham was left “in shock,” She doesn’t “remember many of the details” from that period of her life. In her most recent biography, “Have I Told You This Already?” the actress describes how the 2021 breakup left her “on the run.”

Who is Peter Krause Dating in 2022?

She says, “was always resolved to be doing and going, not allowing myself to sit and take it all in.” The “Gilmore Girls” alum, 55, found some “solace” in renting a home and hosting friends and family, but even after spending more than ten years with Krause, 57, she still felt the “pain” of living without him. She remembers, “It was as fun as I suppose a rehabilitation from any accident might be.”

Graham discusses her relationship with Krause’s son Roman, who is 21 years old, later in the book. Roman was born in 2001 to Krause and his then-girlfriend Christine King. The Golden Globe candidate adds, “I’ve never been a mom, but I’ve loved a child who lived in my house for a long time,” adding that she hopes he “will be a part of the rest of [her] life.”

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Although Graham and Krause initially kept their split a secret, word eventually leaked out in June. She finally spoke up early this month. Got into a relationship as individuals in their 40s without losing any of the questions that individuals in their 40s need to be posing, the “Mighty Ducks: Game Changers” star said of their choice to split up.

We were having so much fun together that I may not have asked some basic questions such as, “What are your values and what do you envision?” and other more mature topics. “And then they simply overtook us.” Five years after they first met while co-starring in “Caroline in the City,” the “Parenthood” alums started dating. Krause hasn’t spoken out about their breakup yet.