PlayStation Acquires Mobile Developer Savage Game Studios

PlayStation Acquires Mobile Developer Savage Game Studios

Savage Game Studios, a maker of mobile games, has formally agreed to be purchased by PlayStation, according to an announcement. Furthermore, Savage Game Studios will join PlayStation Studios as a first-party developer like any other, but it will do so as a member of the recently established PlayStation Studios Mobile Division. The actual details of the purchase were not publicized.

The head of PlayStation Studios, Hermen Hulst, said in a statement, “Today, we announced that we have entered into a definitive agreement to acquire Savage Game Studios, a hugely talented team of creatives with many years of experience creating some of the most well-known mobile games enjoyed by players around the world.

“They were established a few years ago with the intention of boldly exploring new concepts. They are a natural fit for PlayStation Studios because we share their unwavering desire to innovate and our ongoing desire to grow our audience and make PlayStation available to more people than ever.”

In spite of the acquisition of Savage Game Studios and the creation of the new PlayStation Studios Mobile Division, the announcement goes to great lengths to reassure readers that the company’s “efforts beyond console in no way diminish our commitment to the PlayStation community, nor our passion to keep making amazing single-player, narrative-driven experiences.”

Despite working independently from the company’s console development, the new mobile division will concentrate on developing experiences from both new and old PlayStation IPs. The statement also reveals what Savage Game Studios is presently working on, which is “a new unannounced AAA mobile live service action game.” Nothing more is disclosed save a tease that it is too early to offer any other information at this time.

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