Police Arrest Suspect In Dearborn Hotel Standoff; Clerk Killed

Police Arrest Suspect In Dearborn Hotel Standoff; Clerk Killed

After killing a hotel clerk in a fight with other employees over money, a suspect who had barricaded himself inside a hotel room in Michigan was apprehended Thursday night, according to authorities. The shooting happened on Thursday in the late afternoon, and Michigan State Police announced at 8:48 p.m. that the gunman had been brought into custody safely.

Issa Shahin, the chief of the Dearborn Police Department, told reporters on Thursday night that the man had a rifle and had repeatedly threatened police throughout the seven-hour standoff. It was quite flimsy, he observed.

After being shot, a 55-year-old Riverview resident was brought to the hospital, where he passed away. According to Shahin, the individual was a clerk who “was just trying to perform his job.”

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The suspect’s identity was kept a secret. He was a 38-year-old guy with a history of mental illness and drug misuse, according to Shahin. At a Hampton Inn on Michigan Avenue, close to downtown Dearborn, a dispute about a bill led to the start of the disturbance on Thursday afternoon. He claimed that the suspect became angry when he requested a refund.

At 1:09 pm, calls began to come in reporting gunfire at the hotel. According to Shahin, police quickly escorted individuals from the premises and secured the area. Crisis mediators spent the following few hours trying to get in touch with the shooter and put an end to the issue amicably, according to Shahin.

The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives Detroit division responded and advised residents to stay away from the area. There were no immediate updates on the gunshot or the altercation, which police claim took place on the third floor of the hotel.