Police Claim a Man With'mental Illness' Was Shot and Pursued From His Home

Police Claim a Man With’Mental Illness’ Was Shot and Pursued From His Home

Police Claim a Man With’mental Illness’ Was Shot and Pursued From His Home: Police claim that two guys hunted and shot a man in a Snellville neighborhood, and they are now both under arrest in Gwinnett County. Just before 9 a.m., according to police, they received a call about a burglary on Lake Commons Court.

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They discovered a man beating up another man on the side of the road as they were responding. When the two guys were separated, they discovered that the man who was being assaulted had also been shot in the leg. The victim, according to the investigators, was chased half a mile from the home after attempting to enter one of the dwellings.

The victim was beaten and shot after being chased away. Due to an unspecified medical condition, the victim, who had resided in the residence on Lake Commons Court, believed he was entering his own home, according to detectives.

He didn’t break down the door to the house. Armed felons in possession of a firearm and aggravated assault were also charges brought against Frederick Sherman. We wouldn’t anticipate anything different from a felon in possession of a pistol, she said, “given that it was half a mile away from the residence, there was no criminal intent or threat.”

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A battery charge is pending against Eugene Days. Days and Sherman are both detained in the Gwinnett County Jail. The victim, who attempted to break into the house but was unsuccessful, has been discharged from the hospital.