Police Say Lake County Woman Burned Grandfather's Home

Police Say Lake County Woman Burned Grandfather’s Home

Police Say Lake County Woman Burned Grandfather’s Home: Police Say Lake County Woman Burned Grandfather’s HomeAutumn Walker, 22, allegedly admitted to igniting the house of her grandfather James Kilfoyle, according to Eustis police.

She also intended to torch his vehicle. Elizabeth Price noticed the place across from her was enveloped in smoke when she was standing on her porch. n the 2200 block of Titcomb Street, it occurred on Monday.

“I noticed smoke coming from the front. o flames, only a lot of smoke, before the flames began to spread to the back of the home, “stated Price. “Cory Compton, a neighbor, stated, “I walked out in the road, and it was all in the air. “Everything was on fire as we were walking down there.”

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Walker admitted to setting her mattress on fire, per the arrest document. She claimed to be sure that her grandfather would put out the fire if he were at home. Waler also said that she prepared to put a burning sock inside Kilfoyle’s SUV’s petrol tank but decided against it.

Walker claimed she was angry with Kilfoyle for selling her cars but fail g to pay her the proceeds. “Tha someone who ld go to such extremes to garner attention is miserable. I believe that was the problem.

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That’s sad. All hope is lost for him, “stated Price. For around 30 years, Price has resided across the street from Kilfoyle. She and other locals regarded Walker as a typical youngster whose actions worsened as she grew older.