Prosecutors Allege Elizabeth Holmes Tried to Flee Following Her Conviction

Prosecutors Allege Elizabeth Holmes Tried to Flee Following Her Conviction

Prosecutors Allege Elizabeth Holmes Tried to Flee Following Her Conviction: According to authorities, Elizabeth Holmes attempted to leave the country by purchasing a one-way ticket to Mexico in January 2022, not long after the founder of Theranos was found guilty of fraud.

In January last year, Holmes was found guilty of cheating investors while leading the discredited blood-testing start-up Theranos. She received a prison term of over 11 years in November. She has filed an appeal of her conviction, and because of her pregnancy and the lengthy waiting period, which the prosecution called “generous,” she will not begin serving her prison term until this spring.

The allegation that she attempted to flee the nation last year came to light as part of a new petition by the prosecution asking that Holmes should start serving her prison sentence instead of living on an estate with upkeep costs estimated to exceed $13,000 per month.

As her attorneys claimed, Holmes has provided sufficient evidence that she is not a flight danger; however, prosecutors contend otherwise and use the purported incident from 2022 to back up their claims.

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According to the court document, “the government learned on January 23, 2022, that Defendant Holmes booked an international flight from the United States to Mexico departing on January 26, 2022, without a scheduled return journey.” “The trip was only canceled after the government brought up this unauthorized flying with defense counsel.”

Although it is “impossible to know with certainty” what Holmes would have done “had the government not intervened,” prosecutors expect her to “respond that she did not leave the nation as scheduled,” according to the document. After her conviction, the prosecution claims that Holmes “has the resources to act on that desire” and that “the incentive to run has never been higher.”

No one responded immediately when I contacted Holmes’s legal team for comment over the Friday filing. In an email to the prosecution, one of Holmes’ attorneys claimed that the travel arrangements were made prior to the decision, which is included in the court file.

According to the email from Holmes’ lawyer, the former Theranos CEO thought the outcome would be different and that she could travel to Mexico to attend a friend’s wedding.

In a previous court filing, Holmes’ lawyers urged her release from detention while they pursued their appeal, claiming that neither she nor the community posed a flight danger. On April 27, 2023, Holmes must present herself to law enforcement, at which point her prison sentence will start.

Prosecutors claimed in the brief that there is only one criminal justice system in our country, not two, one for the wealthy and one for the poor. They contend that Holmes must face her crimes because “within that system, the time has arrived.”

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Theranos attracted top investors and retail partners with claims that it had created technology to test for various illnesses with just a few drops of blood when it was valued at $9 billion. After the Wall Street Journal revealed in 2015 that Theranos had only ever done a few of the hundreds of tests, it advertised using its patented technology. With questionable accuracy, the business started to fall apart.