PS5 System Software Beta Adds 1440p Support

There will soon be a new beta test of the PlayStation 5 system software that brings some much sought features and functionality to the device, including 1440p support and game lists that seem to answer the PS5’s requirement for folders. These new features are only available to beta testers at the moment, but Sony intends to release the upgrade to all users worldwide “later this year,” the company stated in a blog post. An email inviting those selected to participate in the beta test will be sent to them on July 28.

Additionally, Sony is being up forward in stating that some beta-tested features “may see significant changes” or be excluded from the final product. With those limitations in mind, the PS5 beta version now provides 1440p HDMI visual output, if your game and your TV are compatible. By selecting “Test 1440p Output” under the “Screen and Video” option in the system settings, users can determine whether their HDMI device can provide 1440p resolution. With supersampling down to 1440p output, gamers who are playing games with higher native resolutions, such 4K, “may benefit from better anti-aliasing,” according to Sony.

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Players can now build game lists in their Game Library to help with game organisation. “Select [Create Gamelist] from the [Your Collection] menu to get started. Decide what to call your gamelist after adding games, “explained Sony. Users may have up to 15 lists, and game lists can accommodate up to 100 games. Any game, whether it is on a disc, in the cloud, or streamed, can be chosen by the player and added to a list. You can arrange your collection by adding games to various lists. It’s unclear if these lists may be pinned to the home screen.

The PS5 beta version also adds the possibility for users to compare and choose between stereo and 3D sound after listening to both. The game portal will also “prominently” highlight whatever “in-progress” activities users have so they can easily pick up where they left off. In terms of brand-new social features, players can now ask party members to watch their gameplay on their shared screen. The voice chat card should be opened, the party member you wish to submit the request to selected, and then [Request Share Screen] should be clicked, according to Sony.

In addition, users can join directly from the notice when they join a party and discover if someone in the group is playing a game they can join. In the game base card, players can now send stickers and audio messages, and they can read a new friend’s profile on the page for Accepted Requests.

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