Lake County Sheriff Says Refuse to Enforce Illinois Assault Weapons Ban

Lake County Sheriff Says: Refuse to Enforce Illinois Assault Weapons Ban

Refuse to Enforce Illinois Assault Weapons Ban: The sheriff of Lake County says he vehemently supports the recently passed “assault weapons” ban in Illinois and refers to semi-automatic guns as “nothing more than death machines.” In a statement released on Thursday night, Lake County Sheriff John Idleburg acknowledged that there had been several inquiries about his position on House Bill 5471, better known as the Protect Illinois Communities Act.

Idleburg brought up the massacre at the Highland Park Fourth of July Parade and cited a previous statement he had made in which he claimed that society had grown immune to major shootings. “I sincerely hope that this is the final mass shooting before assault-style rifles are outlawed. In a civilized community, assault-style firearms are nothing more than killing devices, according to Idleburg’s prior declaration from July.

In the Illinois Capitol Rotunda on Tuesday night, Governor JB Pritzker signed House Bill 5471 into law while flanked by lawmakers and pro-gun control activists. Effective immediately, the measure forbids the sale and transfer of high-capacity guns within the state.

House Bill 5471 prohibits semi-automatic firearms as well as high-capacity ammunition magazines and “switches” that turn pistols into automatic weapons. Existing semi-automatic weapon owners are required by law to register their possession.

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Idleburg stated on Thursday that he “firmly supports the prohibition on assault-style firearms and I genuinely hope our federal government follows to ban them statewide” despite his belief in our Constitution and the Second Amendment. Since the creation of the Second Amendment, Idleburg claimed, firearms had gotten “far more sophisticated and much more lethal.”

“As I said after the mass shooting in Highland Park, these weapons of war have no place on our streets. They are employed to kill our cops, innocent bystanders, and victims to inflict the greatest amount of destruction, he claimed.

Idleburg claimed he had taken an oath to uphold the law. “It would be extremely risky for me to selectively apply and enforce only the laws that I support or that I believe are significant. That is not how the Illinois or State Constitutions intend to implement the law.

“This law does not imply that our deputies will be knocking on doors and requesting proof of ownership for guns. Idleburg clarified that this did not imply that a team would be assembled to check your house for weapons. As with everything else we do in our field, he continued, “we will exercise caution and good judgment.

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In a statement released on Wednesday, McHenry County Sheriff Robb Tadelman said his deputies would not be verifying that gun owners had registered their weapons with the state. He added that the sheriff’s office would not detain or arrest anybody who had been charged with nothing more than breaking the new statute.