Rep. Sean Maloney Defeated By Republican Michael Lawler

Rep. Sean Maloney Defeated By Republican Michael Lawler

It’s time for the Republican Party to drop former President Donald Trump and support a different candidate for the White House in 2024, according to the face of a red mini-wave in New York on election day.

“I undoubtedly want to see the party advance. There are many rising talents,” said newly elected congressman Mike Lawler, who shocked the political establishment by upsetting Rep. Sean Patrick Maloney, the head of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, on Thursday.

“Gov. Ron DeSantis has fired up the Florida electorate. New voices are always welcome, said Lawler, an assemblyman who will sit in Congress for the Hudson Valley’s 17th District. The GOP increased its representation in the House in New York by four seats, including NY-17, bringing its total to 11, which is thought to have given Republicans a chance to just about restore control of the chamber.

As GOP officials and voters nationwide debate whether it would be better to have a new face at the top of the ticket in 2024 or Trump, a divisive figure with a sizable, committed following, Lawler’s rejection of Trump in his own New York is sure to raise eyebrows.

Lawler’s remarks come as Trump is being encouraged to postpone next week’s much-anticipated “very significant announcement,” at which he is anticipated to begin a third consecutive cycle for the White House.

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Former Trump aide Jason Miller stated, “I’ll be recommending him that he move his announcement until after the Georgia [Senate] runoff [Dec. 6].” Every Republican in the nation needs to be concentrating on Georgia right now.

Former White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany, who served in the Trump administration, added on Fox News that the former president should “delay” his statement until Georgia is resolved.

Rudy Giuliani, a former attorney for Trump and a close friend, told The Washington Post on Thursday that he had advised the former president to delay announcing his candidacy for the White House until after the midterm elections but insisted that Trump has what it takes to win again and was the most charismatic and appealing GOP candidate since Ronald Reagan.