Review on The Ending of The Netflix K-Drama Somebody

Review on The Ending of The Netflix K-Drama Somebody

Kim Sum visits Young Gi-Eun at her home at the beginning of episode 8 of Someone. Knowing Kim Sum well, Young Gi-Eun informs her that she has concluded that the man in the picture Mok-won gave is not her lover. Young Gi-Eun claims she is still determined to discover the man who injured her during a conversation with Kim Sum regarding the individual. She requests Kim Sum not to obstruct her efforts to apprehend him.

Yun-o matches with a new woman on the app, and the two begin texting. She claims that they have previously met and enjoyed cocktails. He answers the call from the account video. The ring seems odd, and he continues to receive weird women’s calls ridiculing him. Additionally, they continue to speak things that some of the women he killed said.

Mok won gets a call from the person she hired to watch out for Yun-o at the restaurant in another location. He tells her that he witnessed Yun-o killing the restaurant owner and inquires why she hired him to track down Yun-o. He requests that Mok-won never speak to him again.

After the call, Yun-o goes to see Mok-won, who questions her about her motivation for wanting to find him. He informs her that Young Gi-Eun should have been killed. He claims that because Kim Sum is different from Young Gi-Eun, she excites him. He explains to Mok-won that Kim Sum is ideal for him because she is distinct from most irritating people. Before leaving, he asked Mok-won not to enrage him and killed the god of her temple.

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When Mok-won visits Young Gi-Eun, she brings all the phones she discovered during her inquiries into Yun-o. She advises her to get in touch with Kim Sum because they are out of time. They hand the phones to Kim Sum and talk about the next steps.

Mok-won informs them that he visited her home and is aware that they are pals. She is confident that he is mindful of where Young Gi-Eun is. She requests that Kim Sum assist them by providing her knowledge of Yun-o. Kim Sum even claims she provided Yun-o with a knife while refusing to provide them with any information on him. She disappoints Mok-won and Young Gi-Eun, who leave her home.

Later that evening, a stranger visits Young Gi-Eun and delivers her the same lollipops that Yun-o once gave her. The following morning, Yun-o runs across the body of the lookout Mok-won had hired. He steals the man’s phone and uses it to deactivate his Somebody profile before starting a new one.

Later, he calls Kim Sum and explains his plans for the two of them. He appears to have purchased a home where they can retreat and is interested in learning what place she prefers. An administrator and Jung may be heard on the phone. They appear to be cooperating to capture Yun-o. Later, when the administrator inquires about Kim Sum’s feelings for Yun-o, she replies that she does.

Young Gi-Eun decides to enlist the hacker’s assistance to locate Yun-o, utilising a dating app. She goes to the office, where she briefs the other police officers involved in the case and presents the evidence they have gathered. With a warrant in hand, the police search Yun-workplace. They discover numerous phones in his office drawers and wonder why he owns so many.

On the other hand, Yun-o continually receives odd calls from ladies he meets on the app. Jung’s idea was to force him into a corner by using messages and photographs of the women he had killed. He loses patience and throws the phones he is carrying away. He visits Kim Sum’s home and makes a video call to her from the street.

He informs her that he murders people using the programme she created. He remarks that he wishes they had connected sooner. Kim Sum welcomes him into her home and assures him that it is not too late to make a fresh start. After chatting for a while, Kim Sum asks if they may go to their hiding place and spend some time together as he departs.

Kim Sum spends the following few days attempting to analyse her feelings for Yun-o using logic and science. She contacts Young Gi-Eun and lets her know she’s going to meet Yun-o, but she won’t reveal where they’ll be meeting. She explains to Young Gi-Eun how significant Yun-o is to her and how much he means to her. She claims that she is not concerned that Yun-o will harm her.

Kim Sum stops by Mok-residence won, to pick up the sword Yun-o gave her before heading off to meet with her. She also leaves a message behind and requests Mok-won to examine Yun-fortune. o’s
Young Gi-Eun uses the tracker to locate Yun-o and Kim Sum, but there is a problem because Kim Sum knows they will track her phone. She purposefully abandons it in a taxi, sending Young Gi-Eun and the police on a tiresome chase.

How Do People End?

A message is sent to Yun-o from an account with the name Isle. Kim Sum’s profile is supposed to be up there. In the video conversation, he assures Sum that he will wait for her in their hiding place even if she is late. He declares his love for her, but Someone in a hood enters the house as they continue to speak. The individual then cuts his throat and the bridge of his nose.

It transpires that Kim Sum was responsible for his death. After having Mok-won pick her up, she returns to work. She keeps going about her business as if nothing ever happened, yet she seems depressed.