RSV Surge In Children's Hospitals

RSV Surge In Children’s Hospitals

Manhattan (WWNY) – Children suffering from a respiratory syncytial virus, or RSV, have virtually filled all of the beds in the paediatric ward at Samaritan Medical Center. At the hospital in Watertown, 75% of paediatric admissions in the past week have been caused by RSV. Currently, Rochester and Syracuse’s hospitals are dealing with a similar situation.

The children’s hospitals in the area have reported to us that they are pretty crowded, with boarders in the emergency department (emergency department). According to Dr Kaitlyn McGregor of Pediatric Associates of Watertown, the intensive care units are filled.

The paediatric unit at SMC is no different. RSV is being treated in some kids. Children and newborns are placed in hospital beds because they require breathing assistance. Although it is common throughout this time of year, it is now particularly severe.

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Dr McGregor said, “I’m not sure if it’s a stronger strain this year or if there’s a lot more chance for transmission of the virus now that kids are back in school and daycare full-time.”

According to SMC spokesperson Leslie DiStefano, since October 1, respiratory problems have been the cause of 85% of paediatric admissions. And 75% of those who have had RSV in the past week have been children. RSV is the current cause of the presence of six out of the seven kids we have in our paediatric unit, according to DiStefano.

Adults can also catch the infection. Usually, the symptoms are minor and resemble those of a cold. But according to Dr McGregor, incidents could worsen in people with underlying medical issues.

She added that adults with any immunological impairment or persistent medical illness, particularly lung issues, are at a greater risk for those. According to Dr McGregor, indicators of a more severe case of RSV include dehydration, trouble breathing, and quicker breathing.