Ruby Edwards Died Of COVID-19 In Queensland

Ruby, their 23-month-old daughter, unexpectedly passed away from COVID-19, according to her parents Steven and Krystal Edwards of Brisbane. Despite their best efforts, the couple says they are overcome with sadness. According to Mr. Edwards, his daughter became unexpectedly ill and eventually tested positive for COVID. Just two weeks before her second birthday, she passed away on Sunday.

little child Ruby Edwards
After getting COVID-19, Ruby Edwards had a very unusual neurological disorder that ultimately led to her death.
(Supplied) He said that Ruby’s COVID infection prompted the extremely rare neurological illness acute hemorrhagic leukoencephalitis (AHLE), which was brought on by inflammation in Ruby’s brain and spinal cord. According to Mr. Edwards in a social media post, this “caused an unique auto-immune disease, where her immune system, while trying to fight the virus, also attacked her brain, compromising her key capabilities.” “She struggled for a very long time, but the illness was just too aggressive, merciless, and relentless.

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“Thanks to her treatment, we don’t believe she suffered any pain during her fight and was able to leave this world peacefully.”

The family is getting ready for the arrival of their kid in two days. As we get ready for the birth of our baby, Mr. Edwards remarked, “I feel like the world is falling apart for us right now. This is meant to be such a joyous time where our family would become complete, but is now so broken.” The medical staff at Logan Hospital and Queensland Children’s Hospital were commended by the family for “doing their very best.” According to Mr.

Edwards, he does not want to “promote terror but rather prudence and a reminder to treasure those you love because you just don’t know when it can all be snatched away from you,” he told the ABC. She was a kind spirit who enjoyed cuddles and was cherished by everyone who had the good fortune to meet her, he said. “Ruby had magnificent long eyelashes, a contagious smile, and gorgeous hair colour.

“She was very clever and had so much potential. It’s a shame her full potential will never be realised and the world has been deprived of such a special gift.”

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