Salt Lake County Animal Services Recommends Pet Seatbelts After Dog Accidents

Salt Lake County Animal Services Recommends Pet Seatbelts After Dog Accidents

Seat belts are known to save lives, but one passenger is frequently forgotten: your cat. Following numerous recent crashes, Salt Lake County Animal Services is urging dog owners to buckle up their canines. Officer Gerri Cantor from Salt Lake County Animal Services reported that she had attended two accidents where two dogs had perished in the previous 15 days.

Cantor thinks that a dog seat belt could make all the difference in a collision. They assist in keeping your animal in the car.She explained, “Also prevents your pet from jumping out of windows and it keeps your pet away from emergency personnel so you can get medical attention.” Although it may seem like more work for pet owners, Cantor said it is worthwhile to go the extra mile to protect them.

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She declared that it was worth taking an extra 10 to 15 seconds to keep everyone safe. “We can also buckle in our pets, just like we do for our kids.” Every activity, including automobile excursions, is shared by Teresa Wilhelmsen and her black lab Emory. She said, “She really is a fantastic dog. They are inseparable. She is my absolute wild monkey, I tell you that. Wilhelmsen attributes Emory’s pet seat belt for keeping her safe following an accident a few months ago at State Street and 2100 South.

“Looking in the rearview mirror, I can still clearly recall seeing the car hit us (Emory). She was seated in the back seat, and the seat belt kept her in place “Added Wilhelmsen. In the collision, neither was wounded. She hopes that by sharing their story, other people would continue to buckle up Emory in cars. Now more than ever, Wilhelmsen vowed to seatbelt her. Dog seat belts can be purchased for between $10 and $15 at pet supply stores or online.