Samsung Announces One UI Watch4.5

The most recent One UI Watch 4.5, which is based on Wear OS 3.5, has been unveiled by Samsung. The One UI 4 based on Wear OS 3 available with the Galaxy Watch 4 series has been upgraded. One UI Watch’s new iteration aims to provide a comprehensive watch experience. Here are all the newly announced features.

What’s New in One UI Watch 4.5? The full QWERTY keyboard, along with swiping motions, has now been added to the new One UI Watch 4.5 in order to improve the typing experience. As a result, using the Samsung smartwatch for dictation, message typing, and other tasks will be simpler than ever. Users will also have the option to switch inputs for added convenience.

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Samsung One UI Watch 4.5 with Qwerty Keyboard
Due to dual-SIM functionality, using calls on the Galaxy Watch will also be simpler. On a Galaxy phone, a preferred SIM can be set (dual-SIM functionality is necessary), and this will appear on the watch as well. The watch will display the SIM being used in a clear manner and allow users to select between SIMs without revealing their phone numbers.

Dual-SIM compatibility for the Samsung One UI Watch 4.5
Samsung One UI Watch 4.5 also offers watch face customization, enabling users to add several styles to a watch face to fit their preferences. The personalised watch faces can be added to the favourite list as often as you’d like, and you can keep the ones you like for easy access.

New accessibility features include the option to change the colour and contrast of the display, audio changes for people who have hearing impairments, adjustments for momentary tasks like volume and notifications, and more. According to Samsung, One UI Watch 4.5 will be accessible for the Galaxy Watch 4 series and the next Galaxy smartwatches, most likely the Galaxy Watch 5 series, by the third quarter of this year. More features are anticipated to be released, and this may occur during the August introduction of the Galaxy Watch 5 series. So, keep checking back for updates on this!

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