Search continues for missing teen Kiely Rodni

Search Continues For Missing Teen Kiely Rodni

The 11-day search for missing Truckee teen Kiely Rodni near Prosser Reservoir will be scaled back due to the lack of any new leads. After this week, the organizations involved in the investigation will create a task group to exchange any fresh information, according to Placer County Sheriff’s Detective Josh Barnhart. Instead of having several employees work on the case continuously, the agencies would alternate switching off the investigation of tips.

After attending a party at the Prosser Family Campgrounds near Truckee, a mountain hamlet 35 miles west of Reno, Kiely, 16, vanished in the early hours of August 6. After Kiely’s phone was last turned on at 12:33 a.m., police reported that they had not seen her or her silver 2013 Honda CRV. Aug. 6. Although the phone’s location near the water was reported, detectives stated this does not necessarily indicate that she was last to close or in the water.

Numerous searches were conducted during the investigation at Prosser Reservoir by hundreds of law enforcement personnel, including the FBI. Additionally, Prosser and the adjoining Boca and Stampede reservoirs have been searched by volunteers. In Reno and the area of Lake Tahoe, hundreds of missing posters have been up in both English and Spanish.

According to Captain Sam Brown of the Nevada County Sheriff’s Office, “Our search continues, and we are doing everything we can to move things in a good direction.” Finding Kiely Rodney has always been our main objective, Brown stated. The honors student, who graduated from a Truckee charter high school in June, is still missing, so he urged people to look around for anything that might lead to information about her whereabouts.

He claimed that volunteers looking in the same places that law enforcement did could turn up different information. Investigators aren’t disclosing specifics about where law officers searched, according to Brown, other than to say that it was in the vicinity of the party. In any case, we don’t know where to go or where to go in, he claimed. Law enforcement has voiced frustration over the paucity of reliable leads and the fact that just a small portion of the 200–300 partygoers have come forward with information.

Added information about the search:

  • Following a $25,000 anonymous donation, the reward for information leading to Kiely’s capture rose from $50,000 to $75,000 in value.
  • The new sweater Kiely was wearing in a fresh video they obtained from the campground party was seen in an image that was published by the Placer County Sheriff’s Office. Along with another sweater she borrowed at the gathering, Kiely was also seen wearing a black body suit with thin straps in a store security camera image.
  • According to law enforcement, releasing images from the party or images of Kiely there could affect the investigation.
  • Last weekend, a dog was discovered in a small cemetery not far from Prosser Reservoir. Immediately after the grave was discovered, law enforcement said that it was unrelated to the missing teen and immediately closed off the area.