Selena Gomez Dating 2022 Updates

Selena Gomez Dating 2022 Updates

Friend or more than that? Fans are wondering what is going on with Selena Gomez and Andrea Iervolino after they were frequently spotted together. The Only Murders in the Building actress is currently dating, according to sources close to her.

On August 17, 2022, a source informed Us Weekly that despite being spotted together, Selena and the Italian producer aren’t actually dating. Andrea and Selena are merely pals. She is in a relationship and has a few potential partners. They were photographed together on Selena’s birthday and are very close.

“Selena and Andrea have a long history together, and they frequently get together to celebrate her birthday. After collaborating on In Dubious Battle in 2016, they had grown close over the years. Although they enjoy a great time together, there is no romance present. Together with several friends, the two were travelling to Italy’s Amalfi Coast. Andrea and Selena were spotted spending time together on a yacht while on the trip.

The former star of Wizards of Waverly Place and the director reportedly get along well all the time. They all enjoyed themselves immensely while celebrating in Italy, eating, swimming, shopping, partying on their boat, rafting in banana boats, and generally having a good time.

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Andrea and Selena have a completely platonic relationship; Selena does not at all perceive Andrea in that way. He’s a fantastic tour guide, so she frequently meets up with him whenever she is in Italy, the person said.

He’s someone she talks to regarding work now that she’s started generating more and considering taking on new projects. However, whenever people have questioned whether their relationship is romantic, she has been eager to clarify that they are simply friends.

Selena’s grandmother revealed a small piece of information about her love life in a popular TikTok video. Her grandmother interrupted her as she was ready to begin a TikTok advertising her beauty company, Rare Beaut, and asked, “So, how did you end it with that guy?” She smiled and paused the video, then said, “Uh… I’ll tell you in a second.” Many Selena followers were curious about her relationship even if no names were mentioned.

The Only Murders in the Building star described her previous romances as “cursed” in a 2021 interview with Vogue Australia. She remarked at the time, “I feel like most of my relationship experiences have been cursed.

“When I was in relationships, I was way too young to have been exposed to certain things. Since I never really felt equal in relationships in the past and felt so inferior, I guess I needed to figure out what that phrase meant for me.