Sesame Place Apologizes After Viral Video Draws Backlash

Sesame Place Apologizes After Viral Video Draws Backlash

After a viral video appeared to show one of the characters neglecting two young Black girls at a parade where kids were introducing the characters, Sesame Place, a Sesame Street-themed park in Philadelphia, issued an apology. The persona of Rosita is seen in the Instagram video giving high fives and shaking hands with bystanders until she appears to gesture a no to both the girls and the person standing behind them.

The two girls, who were carrying backpacks with Sesame Street graphics, appeared perplexed when the puppet walked past their outstretched arms. Kelly Rowland, a Grammy-winning singer, was among those drawn to the viral video. On Sunday, Rowland posted the same video to her Instagram account with the comment “OH HELL NAWWW.” “TF! I was just so irate over this! “She added a different caption to the video.

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The singer shared a second video clip to her story in which she turned the camera on herself and discussed her response to the situation. That entire parade would have been on fire if it had been me, Rowland admitted. “Are you kidding me? You’re not going to talk to my kid, are you? Did you notice the baby’s face at the conclusion? the youngster dressed in pink? She is entitled to an explanation “Added she. Rowland has two children. Titan Jewell, age 7, and Noah Jon, age 1, are two of the children she has with her husband, talent manager Tim Weatherspoon.

On Sunday, Sesame Place released a statement on Instagram in response to the uproar generated by the video. The park said in a statement posted to Instagram that the performer who plays the role of Rosita “has confirmed that the ‘no’ hand gesture seen several times in the video was not directed to any specific person, rather it was a response to multiple requests from someone in the crowd who asked Rosita to hold their child for a photo which is not permitted.”

The family was welcomed back for a “special meet-and-greet opportunity,” according to the park, after they spoke with them. The cofounder of the social justice organization Until Freedom, Tamika Mallory, “warned” Black families visiting the park in an Instagram post by calling the statement “insufficient” and “disrespectful.” The message read, “Our kids deserve to have fun in a theme park free from prejudice.”