Sheriff Lake County Driver Shoots Truck With 2 Adults, 2 Children in Road Rage

Sheriff: Lake County Driver Shoots Truck With 2 Adults, 2 Children in Road Rage

The Lake County Sheriff’s Office verified that the hunt is on for the driver of the silver Subaru who is accused of firing shots at a pickup vehicle carrying two adults and two children in a fit of road rage.

According to Sgt. John J. Kelley, deputies were dispatched to the I-90 and SR-44 area after receiving a report that a truck had been shot at by the driver of another vehicle around 5:40 p.m. on November 28.

According to Kelley, when deputies arrived, the driver of a 2014 Nissan Titan pickup informed them that the shooting had taken place on I-90 west close to milepost 202.

According to Kelley, this Nissan moved up behind a silver Subaru that was also traveling in the left lane while taking the left lane. According to Kelley, the Subaru driver slammed on the brakes numerous times while moving slowly.

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According to Kelly, the Nissan then moved into the right lane and passed the Subaru. As both vehicles traveled west, the Nissan moved into the left lane and the Subaru into the right, according to Kelley.

According to Kelley, the Nissan driver claimed that the front passenger of the pickup and the driver of the suspect vehicle had verbally and physically argued. At that point, according to Kelley, the driver of the Subaru fired a shot at the pickup with an unidentified weapon, striking the right front fender just above the wheel well.

As the pickup driver exited the freeway at SR-44 and dialed 911, the suspect allegedly kept traveling west on I-90. According to Kelley, none of the two people driving the pickup vehicle nor the two young children who were inside were injured.

According to Kelley, the Subaru’s model and license plate are unclear. If you have any information regarding this road rage shooting, contact the Lake County Sheriff’s Office at 440-350-5620.