'Shotgun Wedding' Starring Jennifer Lopez

‘Shotgun Wedding’ Starring Jennifer Lopez

‘Shotgun Wedding’ Starring Jennifer Lopez: Here is a Jennifer Lopez-starring romcom that defies all odds, conventions, and expectations, and it’s… well, it’s perfect: enjoyably silly and well written. Lopez plays Darcy, a woman who accepts her nervous boyfriend Tom’s offer to throw a huge wedding party for her on an opulent Philippine island resort.

Josh Duhamel plays him likeably; he is a failing baseball star who is defensive about having just been fired from the team. Ryan Reynolds, who serves as one of the executive producers, might have had his eye on the part.


There are several funny supporting turns, clever twists from screenwriter Mark Hammer and some good gags in this. As Carol, Darcy’s eccentric future mother-in-law, Jennifer Coolidge almost completely steals the show.


Cheech Marin, a veteran of stoner comedies, portrays Robert and Renata, Darcy’s divorced parents, and Sonia Braga, a renowned Brazilian actress who starred in the arthouse smash Aquarius with Kleber Mendonça Filho, always takes this material seriously.

Above all, there is Darcy’s scary alpha male, hard-bodied and sensitive overachiever ex-boyfriend Sean, played amusingly by Lenny Kravitz, who turns up to the wedding unexpectedly and causes poor Tom to feel a firestorm of pitiful envy.

However, just as they are going to split up before the beachfront wedding, a dreadful crew of pirates approaches on a speedboat with pistols and grenades to kidnap everyone and demand a hefty ransom from wealthy Robert.


The only ones who can save the day and their marriage are Tom and Darcy, who has managed to remain hidden. Hammer has that zest that George Clooney and Julia Roberts’ most recent romantic comedy effort, Ticket to Ride, lacked. It may be a little corny, but Hammer keeps the funny lines coming.