Shots Fired at 'Bob & Tom's' Donnie Baker; IMPD Investigating

Shots Fired at ‘Bob & Tom’s’ Donnie Baker; IMPD Investigating

Shots Fired at ‘Bob & Tom’s Donnie Baker; IMPD Investigating: After shots were fired at a well-known radio host, police are looking into the incident. The 8000 block of North Shadeland Avenue received a call at 2:00 am on Sunday from the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department. On the northeastern part of the city, that’s a commercial district.

Ronald Sexton was there when the police arrived and claimed to have been shot at. He goes by the name “Donnie Baker,” and he frequently appears as a comic on “The Bob & Tom Show” on Westwood One. Although the suspect’s name was claimed to have been identified in the police report, it was not provided.

After the man he calls his girlfriend’s ex-partner unexpectedly shot up his rental car as he was driving it early Sunday, Sexton claims he is lucky to be alive. I’m still picking glass out of my scalp and ear today, so I’m incredibly lucky. It was just a rapid-fire, onslaught of gunfire.

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The incident allegedly took place next to the Lowe’s Home Improvement store on Shadeland Avenue, which is situated next to Interstate 69. “I was able to glance over, but it was amazing,” Sexton said on Monday morning. I could see who it was. I knew exactly who it was. No question in my mind is to blame for this, and from what I gather, he is still at large, so they are currently trying to find him.

Sexton claims that the automobile had numerous bullet holes and that this was not his first encounter with the suspect before Sunday. He claims that the same individual attacked him while he was appearing for a “Bob & Tom” golf outing last year.

“In that specific instance, there was no use of a gun, despite my expectations because the man was wearing a bandana over his face. I assumed the usual one, two, three, pop, kill me, kill himself scenario would play out, but thankfully it didn’t,” Sexton recalled.

Sexton stated, “I simply never believed in a million years that it would escalate to somebody risking their life in jail, putting someone else in a grave, and going away to prison, I never thought that it would ever, ever come to that.”

Sexton has a gig scheduled for Saturday in Shelbyville, which is 40 minutes by car southeast of downtown Indianapolis, but he is optimistic that security or law enforcement will have apprehended the gunman by then.

Sexton expresses optimism that the shooter can be apprehended by authorities. The radio personality added, “I can’t thank them enough. I’ve received so many texts and well wishes from so many people, family, friends, and fans.”