Sidemen Net Worth How Much They Earn Per Annum?

The Sidemen is a British YouTube channel that relies on a team of content creators. The most recent estimate of their wealth places them at $25 million. Their unique content and variety of channels on YouTube have made them extremely successful. which overall has more than 124 million paying customers. JJ Olatunji, Simon Minter, Vik Barn, Josh Bradley, Ethan Payne, Harry Lewis, and Tobi Brown are all part of the channel’s collective. They’ve made these massive, concluding cuts to their movable criticism, video blogs, and difficulties.

Sidemen’s Net Worth

Around $20.08 million is how much money is thought to be in Sidemen’s bank account. According to NetWorthSpot’s data, Sidemen have a net worth of more than $20.08 million. Even though Sidemen’s wealth is a mystery. While it is known that NetWorthSpot estimates Sidemen’s wealth to be $20.08 million, the true extent of Sidemen’s wealth is unknown. The $20.08M estimate just takes into account money made from ads on YouTube. The true value of Sidemen may be significantly higher. Considering these extra sources of income, Sidemen may be worth closer to $28.11 million.

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Principal Revenue Generating Activities

As has been previously stated, this group is primarily comprised of youtubers. The original source of income is YouTube views. They are changing their channel in the following ways:

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Affiliate marketing:

In contrast to their success in the United Kingdom, they have struggled to make a significant impact in the United States, where the majority of their fans are older than 25. Due to their massive fan base, major brands are eager to partner with the Sidemen for promotional opportunities. Depending on the nature of the improvement, the group may easily earn six figures from an advertising deal. For them, it would be pointless to try anything less.

Ads on YouTube:

Advertisements like these play before recordings, and they have the potential to be a significant source of income if your survey’s response rate is high. estimates that the Sidemen bring in between $1,895,000 and $3,000,000 annually from their YouTube account.

Product Revenue:

The apparel line is a boon for the young guys, bringing in an estimated $2 million annually. All of the money made, however, is divided evenly among the group. Each member of Sidemen also has their own profitable YouTube channel. Some of them are independently employed and pay taxes on their earnings to the UK’s Companies House. Based on these monetary details, we determine the whole assets for each component.

Facts About the Members of the Sideshow


KSI is the wealthiest member of the cast because he has the most subscribers on his own channels. He has 23.6 million subscribers to just his main channel. His second-most-popular channel, in which he posts reactions and criticism, has 14.6 million viewers.

Although he is best known for his video productions, he is also an entertainer, performer, and combatant. Diverse in his abilities, KSI also invests in digital currencies like Bitcoin. The network’s creator, KSI, expects to earn £20 million in revenue by 2022.

2.Minter, Simon

Miniminter is the second most extravagant of the bunch. He mostly works on content related to soccer (both FIFA and real football), video blogging, question and answer sessions, and botany. A total of 9.86 million subscribers joined his channel as a result of this.

A significant portion of his recordings have him collaborating with other Sidemen folks for challenges. In addition to his music business, Simon also manages a real estate firm. His wealth is expected to amount to £9 million in 2022.

3.Vik Barn

Vik has been well-known for uploading daily gaming videos to his main channel for the past four years. He also maintains a series called “How To Minecraft,” which has 136 episodes and 7.47 million subscribers. But his Minecraft server business has netted him almost $2 million.

In addition, he has been a part of the group since at least 2013. He was sixth to sign up after the initial group of five people. Vik Barn deserves almost £8 million because of his wealth. As like Simon, Vik chooses to keep his money in real estate for as long as feasible.

4.Harry Lewis

Harry Lewis is ranked fourth on the list. In order to test out his many hypotheses, he created a plethora of YouTube channels. He is hence considered the fearless Sideman. He is followed by 16.2 million people.

Aside from being a content creator, he also runs the biggest football challenge club in London, which goes by the name “Kicktown.” Taking into account all of his income streams, his overall wealth is currently above $4 million. If Harry weren’t so apathetic, his wealth would be much greater.

5.Josh Bradley

The most popular member of this team is Bradley, who goes by the names Zerkaa and Josh Zerker on the platform. In contrast, Josh first gained his 4.57 million subscribers by uploading videos of himself playing Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, before transitioning to content more directly relevant to football.

Josh followed a schedule of days in order to make changes to previously recorded KSI broadcasts. In addition, at the two-hour mark of each episode, he posts it online for streaming. The sum total of Zerkaa’s assets is approximately £3 million.

6. Ethan Payne

Most people know Ethan from the health and lifestyle video blogs he posts to his main channel. His succeeding channel has seen the most success because to the prevalence of his gaming content. Ethan’s primary channel now has 4.74 million subscribers.

And to top it all off, Ethan was the one who originally conceived up the Sidemen idea. Right now, his reasoning has helped him arrive at a total net worth of £3 million.

 7.Toby Brown

Tobi started in 2011 and was initially disinterested. Presently, though, his primary focus is on playing FIFA and broadcasting his continual interaction to his 4.71 million viewers.

In addition, he is a long-standing member of the team, having joined the Sidemen in October of 2013. Additionally, he has previously engaged in “endorser battles” against Ethan and Josh. A conservative estimate places Tobi’s wealth at about £1,2 million.