'Sister Wives' Star Kody Brown Opens Up About Divorce

‘Sister Wives’ Star Kody Brown Opens Up About Divorce

The daughters of Kody and Christine Brown discussed their parent’s divorce in a forthcoming “Sister Wives” episode. Mykelti, 26, and Ysabel, 19, discussed their parent’s relationships in an episode titled “The Last Family Gathering,” which debuts on Sunday, according to Today’s Chrissy Callahan.

Aspyn, Mykelti, Paedon, Gwendolyn, Ysabel, and Truly are the six children that Christine and Kody, who “spiritually” wed in 1994, have together. The ex-couple and Ysabel’s family gather to celebrate her 18th birthday and high school graduation in a YouTube video. Ysabel confesses that she’s finally relieved that her mother can go on during a confessional.

If I’m being completely honest, I guess I did see it coming when my mom and my dad decided to get a divorce, said Ysabel. “Of course, I’m disappointed about it. It just doesn’t work out, you know? And I’m glad that my mother will be able to find someone with whom she will be incredibly, incredibly pleased.”

Mykelti and Tony Padron, her spouse, provided their opinions on the divorce as well. “When I learned that my mom was leaving my dad, I was relieved. They aren’t content, they aren’t in love, “Mykelti remarked.

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Her husband continued by saying that the split was “inevitable.” “It seemed a little inevitable to me. No man could be perfect enough to manage four wives, in my opinion, “Added Padron. Kody said he’s “not okay” and that his relationship with his kids is “strained” in a different confessional.

“I feel like I have strained ties with many of the children. I don’t feel good among everyone “explained Kody. It’s not that I’m irate, attempting to hold them responsible right now, or anything of the sort. He continued, “I don’t feel like I get the respect that I should have. After several years of tension in their relationship, Christine and Kody announced their separation on Instagram in November 2021.

She stated in her statement, “After more than 25 years together, Kody and I have drifted apart and I have the terrible decision to leave.” We’ll keep being a big influence in each other’s lives while we raise our lovely kids and take care of our amazing family. Since then, Christine has moved from the family’s Arizona estate to Utah. She reportedly gave Kody and his wife Robyn her share of the Arizona property.

Christine stated that she prefers to be in a monogamous relationship rather than a polygamous one in an interview with People in August 2022. Christine replied, “I want a person who genuinely loves me and wants to be with me intimately. “From now on, I’ll only date one person at a time.”