Sources River Oaks Mall Security Guard Slain by Jewellery Thieves

Sources: River Oaks Mall Security Guard Slain by Jewellery Thieves

After a security guard was shot and murdered inside the River Oaks Mall in the south suburban city of Calumet City on Wednesday, police are currently looking for some suspects who are still at large. Police have confirmed the security guard’s age but have not disclosed the 57-year-name. According to sources, the shooting was carried out by armed robbers who made off with jewels, according to source Chicago.

The proprietor of the jewellery store expressed his heartbreak over what transpired. At approximately 12:15 p.m., according to Calumet City Police Chief Kevin Kolosh, police responded to a complaint of shots fired at the mall. Police swarmed the area after the gunfire at noon, sending mall personnel and customers running for cover.

George Brown works in the mall next to the jewellery store where the shooting occurred. “All I heard was guns, and I simply ran for cover,” he recalled. Tracy McGrew, a customer, hid in a neighbouring storage space. “We all wondered what that was during the first round when it went off. I know those are not gunshots in the mall, “explained McGrew.

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“After that, it simply went berserk when it went off again. The first image that came to mind was a crazy mall shooter.” According to officials, about 20 Calumet City police officers were participating in an active shooter drill on mall grounds when the incident occurred.

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Kolosh claimed that when that police discovered a male security guard who had sustained several gunshot wounds, they promptly started saving his life until paramedics could come. A second male victim, believed to be 81 years old, was treated on the spot for a minor hand injury caused by the shattered glass.

According to Brown, “I saw the security man on the floor, and the police were trying to get him back, you know, get him together.” “The guard, a good-hearted man, came in every morning, spoke, laughed, spoke about sports; he was a good guy, heartbroken that this occurred.”

Police searched for numerous culprits while that guard was taken to the hospital. But after an hour of searching the mall, nobody was taken into custody. At the hospital, the guard passed away.

Sources say Chicago that the store was the target of burglars, even though police have been reluctant to speculate about a motive. According to the police, the suspects were left in a car and are not currently in jail. According to Sean Howard, a spokeswoman for Calumet City, there have been persistent worries about crime and security at the mall.

Howard said that we’ve been in ongoing discussions about taking over this mall for several reasons, but especially for safety and security. We’ve only asked them to take a few steps, some of which have been taken, and some have not.

The River Oaks Center’s owners did not immediately answer an inquiry for comments. It is not yet known when the mall will reopen; it is now shuttered. According to city officials, the mall cannot reopen unless some conditions are satisfied, including adding extra cameras. Because these specific owners have not been very neighbourly to our citizens, Howard said, “We are going to remain steadfast in our mission to take over this mall.”