Southwest Cancellations Leave Orlando Travelers Upset

Southwest Cancellations Leave Orlando Travelers Upset

Southwest Cancellations Leave Orlando Travelers Upset: Tuesday will see more Christmas travel chaos around the nation, and Orlando International Airport is not exempt. Even more, travelers are stranded due to widespread cancellations and delays for the second straight day.

Southwest Airlines canceled over 1,400 flights on Thursday and approximately 2,500 on Wednesday. When questioned about her family’s flight, one woman at the airport started bawling. They have been stranded for five days.

Sleeping in the airport is not a sweet experience. Tonya and Michelle Hines, though, manage to make the best of it. Tonya Hines remarked, “We waited in the Southwest line for five hours before we learned that we could depart on December 31.

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The good day to depart was December 26. However, they are unable to fly for five nights. We are simply relaxing in this location. Home is here. That’s it. And we’re going to use that to our advantage,” Tonya Hines declared. Southwest Airlines canceled more than 2,500 flights on Tuesday, according to FlightAware.

As most of the winter weather passed, no other airline came close to canceling flights. Southwest said that due to crew reorganization, it would run at about a third of its average pace. The federal government, however, declared that it would continue to look into why the corporation slipped so far behind.

They may be subject to DOT penalties. According to Katy Nastro of Scott’s Cheap Flights, it is unquestionably something they may need to pay for, including lodging and even additional airplane tickets.

According to Nastro, the Department of Transportation’s probe into Southwest might result in industry-wide changes, such as carriers making sure you can rebook on a different airline.

Nastro speculated that this might be when the DOT starts requiring the implementation and enforcement of interline agreements by all U.S. carriers. However, being stranded has left a bad taste in many people’s mouths, and they want to enjoy being at home.

According to the travel industry expert we spoke with, the federal government will look at how much of this issue was under Southwest’s control and whether staffing, its scheduling system, or planning played a more significant role than any snowstorm.

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Southwest claimed in a statement that handling the problems caused by the winter storm had an unacceptable impact on both consumers and staff. They added that before the winter storm, they had all available workers. Southwest claims it is striving to get in touch with impacted customers directly.