Spider Man 4 When Will The New Spider Man Movie Coming Out?

Spider-Man 4 is officially in the works at both Sony and Marvel, but we still don’t know when it will be in theatres.Kevin Feige did talk about Phase Five release dates and a few big Phase Six releases during an epic Comic-Con panel. But a new Spider-Man movie wasn’t going to be announced there because it’s coming out on Sony.Before No Way Home came out, Amy Pascal, who has worked on Spider-Man movies for a long time, did say that a new trilogy was in the works. But at the premiere in December 2021, she changed her mind and said it was mostly just a wish.

Soon after, Feige confirmed that a new movie is in the works, and in May 2022, Sony boss Tom Rothman said they “hope to start working on the next Spider-Man movie” with “that whole group,” which means Tom Holland, Zendaya, and the rest.No Way Home clears the slate for whatever Spidey does next, so that new movie could be about anything. Even though this is exciting for the future, it could also mean that this is the end.

“As an actor, I knew this could be the last time I put on the suit, so a lot of that emotion came from saying goodbye, which is one of the biggest themes of this movie,” Holland said.Let’s hope that’s not true and that Tom Holland will play Spider-Man again in the MCU. So, here’s what we know so far about Spider-Man 4.

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Spider Man 4 Story

Not really, is the short answer. The climax brings the trilogy to a close and clears the slate for what comes next.As was already said, when the movie is over, neither MJ nor Ned know that Peter Parker is Spider-Man. Peter is still out in the world being Spider-Man, so it’s not like he’s retired.

It means that a possible fourth movie could do anything it wants, like have Peter train up a new Spider-Man, be a stand-alone story where he faces a new villain, or something else.One possible choice is to bring Spider-Man and Venom’s long-awaited fight to the big screen. We saw in the scene after the credits of Venom 2 that Eddie Brock and Venom go to the MCU.

Doctor Strange makes a mistake with the spell he casts, but he fixes it at the end, sending Eddie and Venom back to their universe. Still, a piece of Venom’s symbiote was left behind, so it could take over someone else in the MCU.We would probably see Zendaya and Jacob Batalon back as MJ and Ned, respectively. But there are some big surprises in the new movie that could change that.Here’s your last chance to avoid major No Way Home spoilers before we talk about them.

Spider Man 4 Release date

Every Spider-Man movie in the MCU has come out every two years, but it’s unlikely that the fourth one will come out in 2023. Sony has already scheduled two Marvel movies for next year: Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse (June 2) and Madame Web (October 6).

Sony has set June 7, 2024 as the release date for a Marvel movie that hasn’t been confirmed yet, which could be Spider-Man 4. But that would put it a month after Captain America: New World Order and a month before Thunderbolts. Even for the MCU, that seems like too much.

Sony reportedly wants Jon Watts back as a director, but he is taking a break from superhero movies right now after leaving the Fantastic Four.At this point, it’s hard to say when the next Spider-Man movie will come out. If it’s going to bring Holland back, you wouldn’t think it would take too long. But if a new Spider-Man is coming out, the wait might be longer.

Spider Man 4 Cast

Tom Holland hasn’t said much about his plans as Peter Parker because he wants the focus to stay on the third movie.At first, he was said to have said: “Maybe I should just move on. I also have to think about Peter Parker, who is an important part of my life. I’ve done something wrong if I’m still playing Spider-Man when I’m 30.”Tom Holland as Peter Parker/Spider-Man: A teenager who became an Avenger after a radioactive spider bit him and gave him spider-like powers.

The movie looks at what happened after the mid-credits scene of Spider-Man: Far From Home (2019), in which Parker’s secret identity as Spider-Man is revealed and Parker is less optimistic than in other Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) movies. Holland said that Parker feels defeated and insecure, and he was excited to see the character’s darker side. Holland found it strange to go back to playing Parker, which meant raising the pitch of his voice and getting back into the mind of a “naive, charming teenager,” after playing more grown-up roles like Cherry in the past (2021).

“I don’t know if I’ll be a part of it or not. Spider-Man will always be a part of me, and I know that [producer] Amy Pascal and the studio are eager to see what the next chapter of Spider-Man looks like.”If that happens to be with me, that’s great, but if it’s time for me to move on, I’ll do it with pride.”There’s always a chance that Holland could become more of a mentor for a new Spider-Man (maybe Miles Morales), but No Way Home doesn’t give us any hints about this, so for now we can only guess.

Spider Man 4 Trailer

We don’t think the MCU would make its own Venom, though, because Tom Hardy is so well-liked by fans. So we think that if the fight is going to happen, they’ll find a way for either Spider-Man or Venom to cross over into the other’s world.

Of course not! It hasn’t even been confirmed yet, so for now, you’ll just have to watch No Way Home again.you can buy Spider-Man: No Way Home on Prime Video, iTunes, Microsoft Store, and other digital stores right now