Spotify Acquires Wordless Music Trivia Game Heardle

In addition to obtaining the daily name-that-tune website modelled after the immensely successful Wordle game, Spotify is also adding the popular music game Heardle to its repertoire. Financial parameters of the deal aren’t being disclosed.

Based on the framework created by Wordle, which was later acquired by the New York Times for more than $1 million, Heardle first appeared in February 2022. In Heardle, players have six chances to correctly guess a song based on its first few notes. With each attempt, they hear a few more seconds of music. Heardle then allows users to post their achievements for bragging rights, similar to Wordle. (In actuality, Heardle’s ancestry dates back to the early 1950s, when “Name That Tune” initially appeared on radio before becoming a CBS television series.)

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Heardle is more than just a trivia game, according to Spotify’s blog post announcing the partnership: It’s also a tool for musical discovery. You never know—playing Heardle can lead you to re-discover classic songs you had thought you had forgotten, meet incredible new musicians, or give a name to the wordless melody that has been stuck in your mind for ever.

Although it altered the game’s logo and included Spotify branding, Spotify claims that Heardle will maintain its current aesthetic and remain “free to play for everyone.” To integrate it into the Spotify market, the industry leader in audio streaming is making other changes: Players of Heardle can now hear the entire song at the conclusion of the game on Spotify. Heardle had relied on SoundCloud as its back-end audio supplier ever since it was founded.

Users in the United States, United Kingdom, Ireland, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand have access to Heardle. Heardle will soon be made available in marketplaces all around the world in a variety of languages, according to Spotify. In the future, the firm claimed in its release, “We also plan to incorporate Heardle and other interactive experiences more extensively into Spotify to allow music enthusiasts to connect more deeply with artists and challenge friends—and have some fun in the process.”

A WHOIS registrar inquiry revealed that the “” domain name was transferred to Spotify on July 3. The author of Heardle has avoided media attention. Variety spoke with the “London-based web and app designer” who created Heardle in March but did not identify them because they preferred to maintain their anonymity.

According to his LinkedIn profile, Glenn Angelo is the founder and director of the London-based digital design company Studio Omakase. Heardle was created by him, according to a post he made on the Product Hunt website on February 25. He wrote, “A poor pun motivated me to create a Wordle-inspired musical intros guessing game. Heardle is seen by Spotify as a gamified entry point for music fans to its platform, with the ultimate goal of increasing listening duration and, by extension, consumer pleasure.

According to Jeremy Erlich, Spotify’s global head of music, “We are continuously searching for novel and fun ways to increase music discovery and help artists meet new fans.” Heardle has shown to be a wonderfully entertaining way to introduce millions of fans to songs they already know and love as well as new songs, as well as a means for them to challenge their friends to see who knows more about music. The game has gained a devoted following since its release, and it fits with our goals to increase involvement throughout the Spotify ecosystem.

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