Square Enix Launches Its First NFT

What was once an indication of the gloomy days to come is now a fact. After scaring us with the company’s contentious adoption of blockchain technology, which has been widely panned by gamers, Square Enix has now revealed its NFT (or non-fungible token) project. Square Enix has teamed with NFT firm Enjin, which will hold Square Enix currencies on their Affinity blockchain, to enable this incredible squandering of fan goodwill. Pre-orders for physical action figures that include redeemable codes for digital NFTs are now open to the public. Later this year, pre-orders for traditional business cards with a digital NFT component will also be accepted.

The worst aspect is that it’s difficult to tell which of its titles is driving Square Enix’s NFTs. What is possibly the most unexpected application of “didn’t read the source material you developed” Square Enix is making from its NFTs A group of freedom fighters battle a corporation that is destroying the globe in the indie game Final Fantasy VII.

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It’s true what you read. Square Enix is making the decision to create their NFTs, a technology known to consume astronomical quantities of energy and contribute to drastically increasing emissions and climate change on a planet that is already out of control. In order to stop businesses from taking advantage of what an NFT feature offers, it is composed of characters who are either on fire, drowning, or melting.

There are currently no pictures or price information available for the action figures or collector cards. It is even unknown if these ffvii NFTs will have a value other than sentiment in a market where gaming-related NFTs are frequently confronted with a swift and fierce response, on top of a dramatic decline in the pricing of all things cryptocurrency.

rectangle Enix Affinity Parachain is a Layer 1 proof-of-stake solution that advertises itself as “environmentally friendly” and intended to be carbon neutral. In the face of an expected reaction, Square has chosen to focus on its application. It is managed by a devoted company. 2030. With bridges that connect several blockchains without depending on them and working in their energy-guzzling manner, it claims to be more energy efficient than the more established Bitcoin or Ethereum blockchain technologies.

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