Stephen Hung Net Worth 2023 How Rich is Bling Empire Star

Stephen Hung Net Worth 2023: How Rich is Bling Empire Star?

Stephen Hung Net Worth 2023: It’s time to cook some popcorn in the microwave and pour yourself a glass of wine since the new Bling Empire offshoot is now available. On January 20, Bling Empire: New York became available on Netflix. If you liked the original series, which showed real-life Crazy Rich Asians thriving in L.A., I feel you’ll also enjoy the east coast version.

Stephen Hung and Deborah Valdez-Hung, a Hong Kong power couple, are the focus of the new spinoff. With their luxury apparel, Rolls-Royces, and private aircraft, this couple, who have been married for approximately ten years, epitomizes opulent riches. Please continue reading to get more information on the Hungs, including their origins, ages, sources of wealth, and net worth.

Stephen is from Hong Kong.

According to Tatler Asia, Stephen is a wealthy businessman who has primarily worked in investment banking and real estate. Born in Hong Kong to affluent real estate parents, he relocated to New York in 1977, according to Tatler Asia and Bustle.

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Stephen Hung Net Worth:

Entrepreneur Stephen Hung has a $400 million personal fortune. Stephen Hung completed his education at the University of Southern California and Columbia University. He was a banker who worked at Merrill Lynch Asia. Real estate and investment banking were how Hung made his money.

He is married to Deborah Valdez, a model, and they have two kids. Hung leads the company Louis XIII Holdings. The world’s most opulent hotel suite is rumored to be in his upcoming Macau casino, Louis XIII, where rooms will cost about $130,000 per night and jewelry in exclusive boutiques will cost a minimum of $1 million.

At least $650 is required to bet on the gaming tables. Hung was born to wealthy real estate investors. He commuted to work in a Rolls-Royce while an intern. He recently spent $20 million on 30 Rolls-Royce automobiles for Louis XIII.

Stephen Hung’s source of income

Stephen Hung was raised in an affluent household, and his father was a successful real estate businessman. After completing his education, he attended Columbia University and the University of Southern California, where he earned a Master’s degree in Business Administration. Stephen entered the banking sector, diversifying from his family’s real estate knowledge, and quickly established himself as a respected figure.

Path of Stephen Hung’s Career

Stephen Hung didn’t need to forge his path in life. He decided to. He never took for granted that his parents had left him an inheritance that included much more money than he would ever need. He aspired to achieve more, learn more, and actively contribute to his financial development.

Stephen’s upbringing in a wealthy family only encouraged him to follow in their footsteps, and he immediately focused on accomplishing his objectives. Hung has experience as a former banker, real estate speculator, and business whiz in China. Hung met some of the most elite business partners and powerful influences in the financial world as he progressed through his job in the banking industry.

He immediately realized the importance of connecting with this exclusive group of experts, who immediately became close friends. He then took on the roles of chairman of The 13 Holdings Limited, The Taipan Investment Group, and Rio Entertainment Group, vice chairman, and is still in active leadership.

His Lavish Lifestyle

Stephen Hung and his wife Deborah live a lavish lifestyle due to their $400 million wealth. She was once a model, but now she’s the boss of the biggest modeling agency in Asia and succeeds in business alongside her well-known husband. The power couple is renowned for dining at the best establishments and enjoying the most lavish travel experiences possible.

Images of Deborah and Stephen traveling worldwide are all over their Instagram pages. Many pictures show their gorgeous home’s interiors, various high-end vehicles, and incredible adventures that most people can only dream of.

There are pictures of the couple riding thoroughbred horses, hanging out with camels in Dubai, ascending in an air balloon, and spending time on some of the most opulent ships stuffed with amenities. Of course, they fly one of their many private aircraft to most of their locations.

His Biggest Single Rolls Royce Purchase In History

Due to his acquisition of the most expensive Rolls Royce, the world has ever seen, Stephen Hung has made headlines and history. He gained notoriety as “the world’s largest spender” due to this automobile purchase. Stephen Hung acquired 30 Rolls Royces at once when most people can only dream of doing so.

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He ordered a fleet of 30 Rolls Royce Phantoms from the renowned Goodwood, England, plant of the British automaker, and each one painted the brand’s distinctive bright red. Naturally, they were all created specifically for Hung and his refined tastes.