Student Bullies Special Needs Classmate at Severna Park High School

Student Bullies Special Needs Classmate at Severna Park High School

Student Bullies Special Needs Classmate at Severna Park High School: The one-minute-long video, which contains several racial insults and profanity-laced outbursts, was airdropped to a number of students and staff members on Tuesday at Severna Park High School in Severna Park, Maryland.

A video showing a kid verbally harassing a classmate with special needs appeared on social media this week, and according to officials at a high school in Maryland, they are looking into its origins.

According to the administrator of Severna Park High School in Severna Park, Maryland, the video, which is around a minute long and contains numerous racial slurs and profanity-laced outbursts, was air-dropped to a number of students and staff members on Tuesday afternoon. Later that day, the principal wrote parents a letter, which many detractors felt only served to exacerbate the problem.

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In part, principal Lindsay Abruzzo’s statement stated, “As a school community, we must never condemn children.” “However, I strongly deplore the behavior seen in this video. They are unacceptable everywhere, but particularly in a school environment where one of our goals as a community is to raise students who are considerate, welcoming, and inclusive.

The individual who shot the video and the person who airdropped it is still being sought after. According to the school system, Abruzzo handled this matter appropriately. “On Thursday, this became viral on social media. Tuesday was when this occurred. According to Bob Mosier, a district spokesperson, “Ms. Abruzzo promptly put out a note to the public.

He is prohibited by federal law from commenting on the student’s disciplinary procedures.” “There is no denying that what occurred is abhorrent. The insults that were used at this student should not be directed at any student, anywhere.

But I would also add that the staff and students that gathered as soon as it was dropped by air demonstrated that they believed in upholding and encouraging their fellow pupils and that this was not acceptable. It is imperative that we all fight this struggle.”

When the kid with special needs approaches to pose a question, it looks like the student is playing a game on his cellphone in the video (trigger warning for language), which Yahoo News has reviewed. The game’s participant responds by launching into a foul-mouthed rant.

Get them off of me, you n***a, I’m just trying to play the game. I’m going to beat the shit out of you once I win, the student continues, calling the opponent  But it goes further than that. The special needs student is told to “go!” after the two had a lengthy friendly exchange regarding the contents of a paper.

The student who is playing the game then adds, “Yo out of here with your Black ass, cripple,” before handing back the paper. You’re a f***ing cripple. Never respond to me in speech. You’re going to be executed by an electric chair, and I’m going to shoot dynamite up your ass.

A third unnamed individual is filming, and it appears that both of the students in the video are white. The special needs youngster was threatened, according to Abruzzo’s letter, and the school is helping the student and his family.

The letter went on to say, “We cannot and will not permit such behavior, and we will take swift and appropriate disciplinary action with relation to any student who engages in such activity.” We are better than this, to put it plainly. But the school’s alumni claim that they doubt significant action will be taken given its track record with occurrences similar to this in the past.

According to Mindy Shifflett, a graduate of the school, “Severna Park High School professes to have a zero-tolerance policy, however, it is seldom followed and events like this get swept under the rug.” Mindy Shifflett created an online petition to have the bullied student expelled. “As a former student, I saw the bullying and threats that come with attending this school and I was a victim of both.

The fact that nothing has changed in all these years deeply saddens me. The institution, according to other alumni and concerned community members, has a history of issues that are frequently overlooked. They claim that things have become so bad at the school that it has been given the moniker “Suicide High.”

“Those bully’s parents ought to be extremely humiliated! No, we can’t control everything our children do, but it is LEARNED behavior, another Black lady commented in a Facebook post. She added that having been born and raised in Severna Park, which she claims is underrepresented in diversity, she is not at all surprised by this most recent event.

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According to the woman, who spoke with Yahoo News, she completed high school in 2011. Because Severna Park must maintain its “beautiful image,” she claimed that “there is so much that wasn’t recorded and was pushed under the rug.” According to the most recent census, Severna Park, which is 22 miles south of Baltimore, has roughly 39,000 residents, 87% of whom are non-Hispanic white.