Many Famous People Are Upset With The Supreme Court’s Decision To Overturn Roe V. Wade

Celebrities from all walks of life, including actors, authors, musicians, politicians, and more, have spoken out against the move to reduce protections for women in the United States. On Friday morning (24 June), the Supreme Court of the United States announced that it had decided to reverse Roe v. Wade and rule that abortion was not protected by the Constitution.

It is the Court’s most momentous reversal and will have an immediate effect on reproductive health. Although the 1973 ruling was pivotal in protecting the right to abortion in the United States, state legislatures have gradually chipped away at that protection through the years.

Following the news, former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton stated, “Most Americans feel the decision to have a child is one of the most sacred decisions there is, and that such decisions should remain between patients and their doctors.” The Supreme Court’s decision today will go down in history as a dark day for equal rights and women everywhere.

Singer Taylor Swift said she was “very afraid” in a tweet that backed up Michelle Obama’s comments.

While performing at the Glastonbury Festival, Phoebe Bridgers brought up recent political happenings in the United States. The musician has spoken openly about having an abortion last year. “It’s incredibly bizarre, but I’m having the s****iest time,” Bridgers exclaimed during her performance on the John Peel Stage. Does Anyone Here Have American Citizenship?

In continuation, she said, “Yeah… who wants to yell ‘F*** the Supreme Court?’ The Supreme Court gets a “F*** YOU” in one, two When Bridgers shouted, the crowd roared in unison. These old mother f***ers who have no business telling us what to do with our fucked up bodies. F*** it.”

They will never end abortion,” One Tree Hill star and campaigner Sophia Bush wrote on Friday morning. Only legal abortion is guaranteed to be risk-free. No one’s life is in danger here. The issue is one of power. “Those f*cking motherf*ckers!”

Bush was one of several comments who worried that a decline in legal abortions might lead to a rise in those performed in dangerous settings.

In other words, “GAYS, GET READY. Concerns that the Supreme Court would overrule Obergefell, the judgment that established gay marriage rights in the US, prompted Bette Midler to write, “YOU’RE NEXT.”

Also from Pearl Jam’s official account: “No one, not the government, not the politicians, not the Supreme Court should limit access to abortion, birth control, and contraceptives.” “People should have the RIGHT to decide for themselves.”

Monica Lewinsky also made a post, in which she identified each of the six justices who made up the 6-3 majority: As the kids say these days, “F*** you, Roberts. What the hell, Thomas. It’s been fun knowing you, but F you, Alito. “F*** you, Kavanaugh,” the internet changed. This is a strong F-you to Gorsuch. “F*** you, Coney Barrett,”

Padma Lakshmi, host of the television show Top Chef, said, “We knew this was coming, but the news is disgusting nonetheless.” Sadness has overtaken me totally. The importance of voting in state and local elections has never been higher. We must not give up the struggle.

According to Yungblud, an English musician: “They basically took the right to decide about someone’s own body away!”

Roxane Gay, author of Hunger, also took to Twitter to express her dismay at the recent developments, writing, “What ends today in more than 20 states is LEGAL abortion, women’s and persons with uteri’s rights to bodily autonomy, and the fragile notion that everyone is free.” Few of us can claim that at this point. I don’t know what happens next, but I’m very sure this war isn’t over. It’s the first step.

As Elizabeth Banks put it on Twitter, “This is sad news for families – men and women who feel the government should not decide when and with whom they become parents. This battle for human rights will continue.

Supreme Court my ass” is how actor Danny DeVito put it.

Justice Samuel Alito authored the majority opinion of the Court. He summed up the Court’s position as follows: “Roe was egregiously erroneous from the outset.” The decision’s negative effects can’t be overstated, and its justification was quite flimsy. And instead of bringing about a national settlement of the abortion problem, Roe and Casey have only stoked the flames of controversy and widened the rift.

In an extraordinary leak in May of 2022, a partial version of the Court’s judgment was made public. After that, other famous people joined the protest, including Rosanna Arquette and Amber Tamblyn. Our live blog provides up-to-the-minute updates on the news stories covered by The Independent.

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