Taylor Brice Lejeune, TikTok Star Waffler69, Dies at 33

Taylor Brice Lejeune, TikTok Star Waffler69, Dies at 33

Taylor Brice Lejeune, TikTok Star Waffler69, Dies at 33: Taylor Brice LeJeune, better known online as the food influencer Waffler69, passed away on January 11 from what his brother Clay stated on TikTok was a “presumed heart attack.” The author of the content was 33.

Taylor, who lived in Louisiana, was allegedly “rushed to the hospital,” but she later died, according to Clay’s message. In his video from January 12, Clay pleaded with his audience to preserve his legacy. “Pay attention to the stuff he has published.

Maintain his life. He cherished seeing others smile.” “Rest in [peace] Bubba I love you,” Clay wrote as the caption for the poignant tribute. Taylor gained nearly 2 million followers on TikTok over the years for sharing videos of himself experimenting with different foods, like octopus spaghetti, spicy coffee, and more.

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Numerous admirers and other producers have paid respect to the late TikTok star on social media after the news of his passing broke. A beautiful spirit and wonderful creator deserve to rest in peace, TikToker Blockchain Boy tweeted on January 12.

Taylor, aka waffler69, was someone I followed on TikTok for a very long time. According to close family, Taylor passed very abruptly. He continued, “Damn, this one hurts.” A nice one was lost. Digital Champion, a different content creator, also tweeted,

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“It’s unbelievable that TikTok user Waffler69 passed away. Let’s Taste This movie made by this guy are some of the funniest ever. To a legend, RIP.” At this time, no further details about Taylor’s passing have been made public.