Taylor Swift's Private Jet Emissions Revealed

Taylor Swift’s Private Jet Emissions Revealed

Due of her private jet’s carbon footprint, Taylor Swift is under criticism. According to Yard, a sustainability marketing firm that prides itself on “cutting-edge data and research,” the Shake It Off singer was accused of destroying the planet by travelling in her own jet 170 times between January 1 and July 29, according to a report by Fox News. The 32-year-old pop star’s agent, though, informed TMZ that Taylor’s jet is frequently lent to other people. It would be outrageous to blame her for the majority or all of these journeys.

According to study done by Yard, Swift logged more than 22,000 minutes in the air, or the equivalent of 16 days, making her the celebrity with the worst private jet CO2 emissions. According to the analysis, Swift’s yearly flight emissions amount 8240 metric tonnes, or 1185 times more than the annual emissions of the average human. Other celebrities are allegedly guilty of harming the environment, according to the report. The second-worst private jet CO2 emitter is boxing legend Floyd Mayweather.

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Swift is closely followed by Mayweather, who generated 1011 times as much carbon dioxide during private flights this year—7077 metric tons—than the typical passenger. He is also accused of flying to Las Vegas in the quickest time ever—10 minutes—while producing one tonne of carbon dioxide in the process. Jay-Z, Oprah, Steven Spielberg, Alex Rodriguez, a former New York Yankee, Blake Shelton, and other well-known figures have all been accused of not being environmentally responsible.

Despite celebrities using private planes for years, their extravagant flights have drawn attention when Kylie Jenner shared a picture of her and Travis Scott’s private jets on social media last week. You want to take mine or yours? Jenner asked her followers on social media as she shared a black and white snapshot of her and Scott holding hands in front of their private jets. After the picture went viral on Twitter, The Kardashians star came under fire from detractors. The list of “worst private jet CO2 emission” offenders did not include Jenner. Scott, on the other hand, came in at number 10, with 8384 minutes, or 5.8 days, of flight time on his private aircraft this year.