Teen Accused of Fatal Stray-bullet Killing of Nyc Mom in Dominican Republic Cops

Teen Accused of Fatal Stray-bullet Killing of Nyc Mom in Dominican Republic: Cops

Teen Accused of Fatal Stray-bullet Killing of Nyc Mom in Dominican Republic: Cops: Police revealed Thursday that the alleged shooter in the terrible stray-bullet death of a defenseless Manhattan mother last month is a 17-year-old teenager thought to be hiding out in the Dominican Republic.

According to NYPD Chief of Detectives James Essig, Manuel Ramos, 17, is wanted for questioning in connection with the shooting that killed 64-year-old mother-of-three Valeria Ortega on December 26. The day after Christmas, Ortega, who is also a grandmother of three, was shot in the head while out with her son near a grocery in Inwood.

Ramos, according to the police, shot out the window at a scooter he thought was pursuing him while driving a car with two other individuals on their way to buy marijuana, hitting Ortega in the process. Detectives located the automobile and were able to obtain Ramos’ name from the other two passengers, according to Essig.

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The two in the front declared that they would only be purchasing marijuana near 207th Street, according to Essig. A scooter follows them as they travel there. They are unaware that Manuel is carrying a gun until he turns around, shoots the weapon out the window, and hits our 64-year-old.

Ramos went to the Dominican Republic on January 1, and police are currently looking for him there to extradite him. Ramos was previously detained on December 6 for unlawful possession of stolen items. He took a plane without a return ticket to the Dominican Republic.

Her devastated husband described Ortega, an Inwood resident for the past three decades who also leaves behind her mother, who is 101 years old, as “kind and compassionate” to a fault. Soon after her passing, Vincente Garcia told ABC-7 Eyewitness News, “[She was] buenisima — a good woman, a doting mother. She was almost too kind and giving for her good.

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On her Facebook profile, Ortega posted touching pictures of her enjoying holidays and spoiling her family. She had two adult daughters and a son in his late 20s. Her 101st birthday was commemorated in her last post, which went live in September. Ortega posted a picture of her elderly mother holding pink balloons and said, “Congratulations on your birthday mum,” beneath the image.