The Lake County 2022 Tax Lien Sale Has Been CompletedThe Lake County 2022 Tax Lien Sale Has Been Completed

The Lake County 2022 Tax Lien Sale Has Been Completed

The Lake County Treasurer’s Office has announced the conclusion of the Lake County tax lien sale for 2022. Mike Zuren, the treasurer, observed that the agency first discovered 226 homes with at least 18 months of unpaid property taxes. He added that neither the properties’ owners nor repayment options had been discussed with the Treasurer’s Office.

“No homes with the Homestead Exemption were offered during the tax lien sale,” Zuren continued. The procedure began in September when 226 certified letters notifying the identified homes that their property taxes were past due and a forthcoming tax lien sale was mailed to them.


One hundred twenty-four property owners set up payment plans, paid the taxes in full, or were eligible for grants to bring current taxes due to the mailing. Of the remaining properties, the office reported that 80 were sold, and 22 were sent to the Lake County Prosecutor’s Office for legal action.

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The sale is also taking place to help Lake County locate neglected and abandoned properties, according to Zuren. “Homeowners who live close to an abandoned building with overgrown grass, an infestation, or other problems should appreciate how important it is to deal with abandoned buildings.

He continued, “The Lake County Land Bank does an incredible job demolishing abandoned homes, and the auction is another instrument to address this issue. “The treasurer’s office’s mission is to assist all Lake County residents by alerting all homeowners of grants and programmes that can assist them. We are here to help,” the treasurer’s office stated.