The Sound of Magic Season 2 When Will It Release? Latest Updates 2022

The Sound of Magic Season 2

The Sound of Magic, a musical Korean drama based on the webtoon Annarasumanara, premiered on May 6, 2022, and was directed by Kim Seong Yoon. Ryu Min Hyuk, a Korean magician, is the subject of the film’s title, which refers to his eccentricity and charisma. After saving Yoon Ah-Yi from being sexually abused, he extends an invitation to her to stay with him.

It’s been a joy to watch this six-part drama, thanks to the wonderful music and moving performances. Viewers were eager for more after watching just a few episodes. In the meantime, here is everything we know about the upcoming second season of The Sound of Magic.

The Sound of Magic First Season Recap

The fact that the Korean drama consists of only six episodes is very disappointing. However, the soundtrack and the cinematography will leave you with such a sense of fulfillment that you won’t even remember how badly you want another season.

Yoon Ah Yi gets to relive her childhood free from the pressures of becoming an adult too soon as the first season centers on the innocent friendship between the magician and the girl. During this time, the magician invites the girl to his enchanted abode, which is full of innocence and charm. When everything seems to be going according to plan, the magician is suddenly accused of murder.

This time, however, he makes an attempt to defend himself. In the midst of all of these events, his ability to cast spells is called into question, and in the very last scene, we see him vanish with the assistance of Yoon Ah Yi. Even though we could come to the conclusion that his magic is real and not just some cheap trickery, the matter has not been resolved by the writer.

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What’s next for Sound of Magic Season 2?

Everyone’s wondering, “What happened to Ryu Min-hyuk?” he did such a great job teaching Ah-Yi magic that she managed to make him disappear in order to evade the authorities. We knew he wasn’t responsible for the murder, so we expected him to show up before the credits rolled… but he didn’t. *Deep breath*

Ah-journey Yi’s with magic should be addressed in a second season, as well as this cliffhanger. Previously, it had been implied that she was doing it as part of a more comprehensive plan that included going to college, but will she go further and go more extreme? According to TV history, magic always comes with a price, or at the very least, headaches and drama. The results of her tinkering with the supernatural will be interesting to watch.

In our previous encounter with Na Il-Seung, we learned that the brilliant scholar had dropped out of school to observe how he would mature away from his parents’ crippling expectations. Season two holds the answer to whether he will sink or swim, as well as a possible romance between him and Ah-Yi. While it was hinted at in the first season, they both struggled due to the pressures and responsibilities placed on them by their parents. What will happen now that the burdens have been lifted?

The absence of Ah-mother Yi in The Sound of Magic is both poignant and poignant. Text messages and letters left by Ah-mother, Yi’s who abandoned the two of them, are the only thing she has left for her and her sister. It’s possible she’ll come back; this relationship is bound to come to an end.

The Sound of Magic Cast

However unlikely it may be, we can still hold out hope that The Sound of Magic will return for its second season. Click your fingers and yell “Annara Sumanara” if you’re up for it. The real world is a slow pace, and magic is no exception.

The Sound of Magic Season 2 Cast
The Sound of Magic Season 2 Cast
  • Ryu Min Hyuk is given by Ji Chang Wook
  • Yoon Ah Yi is given by Choi Sung Eun
  • Na Il Deung is given by Hwang In Youp
  • Young Lee Eul is given by Nam Da Reum
  • Il Deung’s father was given by Yoo Jae Myung
  • Min Ji Soo is given by Park Ha Na
  • Young Jisu is given by Hong Seo Hui

The Sound of Magic Season 2 Release date predictions

It would be extremely challenging to find a release date in the absence of a renewal notice. There is no way that such information can be conjured up at this point in time, but one could make an educated guess as to when this enchanting follow-up could take place.

The only thing that can be provided in terms of when the second season of The Sound of Magic could potentially come out is an educated estimate. Although it is possible that it will take place sometime during the summer or fall of 2023, the exact date has not yet been decided upon officially.

The Sound of Magic Season 2 Trailer

As was mentioned earlier, there is no official announcement on when will season 2 may release. As a result, we do not have a trailer to share with you, nor do we have any other details. On the other hand, you could always check out the preview for Season 1. Here, for you…

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