The Surfing Accident That Left Amy Schumer With 41 Stitches

The Surfing Accident That Left Amy Schumer With 41 Stitches

Comedy Central’s “Inside Amy Schumer,” which was created and features the comic, gave Amy Schumer her big break. She won an Emmy in 2015 for Outstanding Variety Sketch Series for the five-season series. In the same year, Schumer made her big-screen debut as the lead and writer of the movie “Trainwreck.”

Sadly, the comedian’s health has occasionally appeared to be in trouble, as was the case when she underwent a cesarean delivery to give birth to her son Gene in 2019. In vitro fertilization was utilized by Schumer to get there, but the procedure was so challenging that she had second thoughts about having any more kids. “IVF was very difficult for me. I doubt I could ever undergo IVF again,” she admitted to “Today.”

Five weeks into her pregnancy, according to Schumer, she started throwing up; from that point on, it was commonplace. According to Schumer on the Informed Pregnancy and Parenting podcast, she only managed to clock 10 days during her whole pregnancy without becoming unwell. She decided to have a C-section as soon as possible because of a pregnancy illness known as hyperemesis gravidarum.

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Later, she shared a selfie in the mirror revealing her delivery scar. Schumer also carries a scar from a previous period of her life. Although comic Amy Schumer is skilled at making people laugh with her comedic timing and clever quips, there was a time when the actress herself was laughing due to a surfing accident.

The Ocean Experience of Amy Schumer Wrong Turn

Amy Schumer was an ordinary high school student who enjoyed playing volleyball before she got paid to make people laugh. She enjoyed surfing as well. In order to catch some waves, Schumer recalled visiting a beach nearby Manhattan one day in the dead of winter. When she was alone in the water, “I self-kegged.

I had to rip my entire fin out of my leg because it got stuck there “She discussed running into her board with Vanity Fair. According to Schumer, she initially considered leaving the sea due to the danger of sharks. Then, “I had the idea, “I’m going to die.” I can’t believe this is how I’m going to pass away.”

Fortunately, she didn’t pass away, but she remembered thinking, “I’ll be amputating my leg. And now I have to travel to high schools to speak and, like, inspire students.” In the end, Schumer was unharmed, but in the aftermath, she was hanging by 41 stitches rather than 10. She said that while they were waiting for an ambulance, a man on the beach held her wound closed with his bare hands. Schumer said, “He really saved my life.

Schumer was unafraid to go to the beach and continue surfing even after the horrifying incident. She uploaded a video of herself bodysurfing in the ocean (via People). This time, though, Schumer explained that her time was “cut short because my bathing suit slipped right on off,” which was a different kind of accident.

Inside Amy Schumer’s Accident’s Fallout

Amy Schumer made fun of her surfing mishap after she had recovered and had achieved fame. as when she appeared on “The Late Show with David Letterman” and boldly displayed her scar. That’s my vagina, the comedian Schumer said when the host inquired what it was. Then she admitted it was a scar left from a surfing mishap.

Joking aside, Schumer was more affected by the incident than she had anticipated. The comic claims that she saw a chiropractor in 2020, who was surprised by the scar. According to Schumer’s account to Time, “He replied, ‘Oh my god, this is absolutely why your body is tugging this way — it’s protecting itself. She said, “He said, ‘This scar has caused you so much grief for so long.'”

Schumer had ongoing problems as well, including what she called “excruciating” back pain. She drew inspiration from all of these horrible events for her Hulu series “Life & Beth.” “The parallel that you need to cope with the emotional trauma from the past so you can get rid of physical discomfort was not lost on me,” said Schumer on creating the show.

Schumer collaborated with a former physical therapist for the Los Angeles Lakers to assist lessen some of her physical discomforts. She admitted in an Instagram post that she has a ruptured disc, a bulging disc, and a torn labrum in her hip due to previous volleyball and surfing injuries. Happily, Schumer claimed that the physical treatment was effective. The Most Body-Positive Stars Who Hold Nothing Back to Read Next