'They Shot a Cop! 'Woman Who Helped Killed Deputy Tells Horror (3)

‘They Shot a Cop! ‘Woman Who Helped Killed Deputy Tells Horror

‘they Shot a Cop! ‘woman Who Helped Killed Deputy Tells Horror: The tragic incident was described as “the worst thing of your life” by a Jurupa Valley homeowner who, along with her family, assisted a fatally injured Riverside County sheriff’s deputy. On Friday, Leticia Bautista, 57, added new information regarding the traffic stop that killed motorcycle officer Isaiah Cordero, 32, on December 29.

Close to Condor Drive’s base, Bautista resides with her husband, daughter, son-in-law, and granddaughter. The family decorated the living room and front yard with magnificent Nativity scenes for Christmas when a relative from Mexico City came to stay.

The owner of a home-based insurance agency, Bautista, was using her computer in a space with a window that looked out into the street. She heard what she believed to be a tire blowing out approximately 15 seconds after she saw a black pickup pass by.

Her cousin then said, “They shot an officer! She exclaimed, “They hit a cop. According to Bautista, her cousin watched via the window blinds while seated on the couch in the living room. According to Bautista, her cousin observed Cordero turn around and follow the pickup, stopping it. Cordero dismounted from his motorcycle and spoke with the driver, 44-year-old William Shae McKay, for a short while. Afterward, Cordero inspected the pickup’s rear as McKay appeared to reach for something.

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Then Cordero made his way back up to McKay, still in the taxi. Bautista quoted her relative, saying, “The driver just shot him.” He claimed that the officer collapsed to the ground immediately. Cindy, the daughter of Bautista, ran outdoors. Both times they dialed 911, they got busy signals. On the third call, a dispatcher finally answered the phone after being put on hold, according to Bautista.

Bautista was instructed by the dispatcher to call out to the deputy and see if he was breathing, had a pulse, and where his injuries were. Although Cordero did not appear to believe or respond to her, she felt vibration. She claimed that a passing motorist also stopped to take Cordero’s pulse but could not do so.

The area around Cordero’s eye appeared to be bleeding. We intended to remove the helmet, but I was terrified we would injure him, Bautista remarked as she paused to wipe her eyes. Bautista and her daughter spoke to different dispatchers on the phone at the exact moment. They offered an insightful description of the pickup: a black Ford or Chevrolet with a blue tarp on the back. Three minutes after their calls were answered, deputies arrived.

The authorities found McKay and the pickup in San Bernardino County close to the 15 Freeway. After being chased up and down the 15, east on the 60, west on the 60, and south on the 15, McKay lost control and crashed at Norco with at least one tire flat from running over a spike strip. Sheriff Chad Bianco claimed that he was murdered after a gunfight with the numerous officers who were pursuing him.

Bautista recalled Cordero because he had attended a break-in at her agency’s office a few years before. She was upset that McKay was out on the streets after San Bernardino County Superior Court Judge Cara Hutson cut his bond so much that he was released on Thursday pending sentencing after being found guilty of false imprisonment. She shared Bianco’s and other people’s resentment. A kidnapping accusation has been dropped.

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Because the sheriffs let him go, Bautista claimed that “the criminals have more power than the sheriffs.” When she saw the security footage from her house, she took some satisfaction in the fact that Cordero’s body was not visible on the ground in the street. A white Christmas angel on the grass obscured the camera. Cindy said, “That was his guardian.”