Three Of The Victims In The Vaughan Condo Shooting Were On The Condo Board

Five of the shooter’s neighbors, including members of the building’s board, were killed in the apartment complex in Canada. Police haven’t said why the 73-year-old man traveled from apartment to apartment hunting for his victims.

Police shot and killed the alleged shooter, a lifelong resident of the building. The police have not adequately recognized the victims.

At 19:20 (00:20 GMT) on Sunday, York Region police were the first to respond to reports of a gunshot at an apartment complex in Vaughan, some 30 kilometers (19 miles) north of Toronto.

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Officers arrived at a “horrendous scene,” according to police chief Jim MacSween, with five victims spread over three different apartments. A spokesperson for Ontario’s Special Investigations Unit, which looks into deaths involving police, stated at a press conference on Monday that responding officers shot the shooter in a hallway.

The official claimed that Francesco Villi, the shooter, used a semi-automatic weapon. According to investigators, three of the five fatalities were board members of the apartment complex.

Additionally, a hurt person in critical condition was sent to a hospital. Authorities are looking into the shooter’s possible relationship with the building’s management board as part of their investigation into the motive.

Several recently released videos on social media profiles belonging to the alleged shooter show him complaining to the building’s management about an electrical unit under his flat.

According to a source in The Toronto Star, the gunman was a longstanding resident who had for years filed litigation against the condo board because of an ongoing disagreement with board members.

Residents who spoke to the local media expressed their shock at a shooting spree in their often tranquil neighborhood. Jordan Bennett, a building resident, told CBC News, “I feel quite comfortable here, so I’m pretty stunned to hear something like this happened.”

Politicians have been sending their condolences, including Ontario Premier Doug Ford and Mayor of Vaughan Stephen Del Duca. I’m keeping you in my thoughts; prime minister Justin Trudeau wrote in a tweet expressing his condolences to the families.

I’m wishing the injured party a quick and complete recovery, Mr. Trudeau continued. “And to the first responders: I want to thank you for your professionalism and hard work.”

Canada has fewer mass shootings than the US, although recently, there have been several high-profile violent occurrences. The worst mass shooting in American history occurred in Nova Scotia in 2022 when a shooter posing as a police officer killed 22 people.

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The Canadian government has since proposed new legislation that will, among other things, outlaw the purchase and import of handguns and “assault-style” weapons, toughen punishments for the smuggling and trafficking of firearms, and create a so-called “red flag” law that would permit the temporary seizure of weapons from people who pose a risk to both themselves and others.

Some people have criticized the decision, notably Canadian hunters, who claim it may impact several rifles and shotguns used mainly for hunting and recreational purposes.

Others claim that the rule ignores the problem of smuggling illegal guns into Canada; most of these weapons pass across the US-Canada border. A legislative committee is presently debating the proposed legislation.

As an interim measure, until the bill is passed, Mr. Trudeau declared a national ban on the sale, purchase, and transfer of firearms earlier this year.

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