Tiffany Trump Marries Michael Boulos At Mar-A-Lago

Tiffany Trump Marries Michael Boulos At Mar-A-Lago

Tiffany Trump exhaled in relief after spending three days on hurricane watch. On Saturday, the day of her wedding, the weather in Palm Beach, Florida, appeared to be sunny and mild. Donald Trump’s younger daughter, his only child with second wife Marla Maples, was “stressed” about the late-season storm and what it might mean for her Mar-a-Lago celebration with 25-year-old Michael Boulos, her boyfriend of four years, according to two people familiar with her mood, who spoke to.

The Trumps could still see some turbulence over the weekend, even though Tropical Storm Nicole is dissipating. They’re assembling as their dad prepares to run for president in 2024, a possibility that not all of the family members are thrilled about. According to people close to the family, some of them are indicating they don’t want to be involved much, if at all.

The former president is not in the best of spirits, according to three persons who are familiar with his activities. Since many of the prominent candidates he supported in the midterm elections lost, some Republicans are already speculating that his hold on the party is waning. One of the people claims that Trump is “cranky.”

Trump is currently more focused on his “special announcement” on Tuesday when he may or may not announce his intended third run for president, according to those who are familiar with him. His thoughts are entirely focused on the political environment of 2024 and how he will fit inside it.

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The Father of the bride is the first task that must complete. Trump normally enjoys the spotlight at his exclusive club, which doubles as his residence, but only when he is being applauded or feeling giddy about praise. The former president is reportedly keeping a low profile as guests arrive at Mar-a-Lago as the skies clear after a stormy week leading up to Tiffany’s big day.

A post-election day news source said that Melania Trump received the brunt of Trump’s ire following Dr Mehmet Oz’s defeat in his bid for the US Senate. According to two persons acquainted with Trump’s mood, he has also been estranged from Melania Trump. In a speech this year, Donald Trump mentioned that his wife was a huge fan of Dr Oz. The New York Times reported that he blamed Melania Trump for his support of the TV doctor.

The ultra-private Melania Trump does not love appearing in news articles, and soon after, Trump was apologising to her on Truth Social for what he called “made up” claims about her involvement. However, according to the two, the harm had already been done. In addition, everyone avoids the former president when he is upset, even his wife. A former president’s spokeswoman has been contacted.

Even so, a wedding means that everyone in the family will be present. According to those who know her, Tiffany Trump is close with all of her half-siblings. Tiffany Trump, who graduated from Georgetown Law in 2020, is close with her older sister Ivanka, even though she was frequently referred to as the Trumps’ “forgotten daughter” during the White House years when she was the focus

. Ivanka, Marla Maples, and Melania Trump were present for Tiffany’s bridal shower last weekend, which was held at a friend’s house in Palm Beach and featured a tiered Tiffany-blue cake. Tiffany Trump’s representative has been contacted for comment on this report.

Ivanka and Tiffany Trump continue to enjoy a close relationship, but over the past two years, other family dynamics have changed. Since they both departed the White House, Ivanka and her father no longer interact in the same way. Ivanka is “far from it” missing Washington now that she lives in Miami, according to one of many people who spoke on the condition of anonymity to protect their personal and professional relationships with the family. Ivanka Trump’s spokesman was contacted, but she did not respond.

Ivanka Trump does not want to revive the position of senior adviser to the president. One of the persons familiar with Ivanka’s thought process claims that she “would never go back to that existence.” She is aware that doing so would not benefit her or her family at this time.

Ivanka has allegedly been “done” with Washington “since the day she left,” and that “hasn’t altered,” according to another. Ivanka would have been spotted supporting candidates for the midterm elections on the campaign trail, according to a third individual, if she had any desire in getting back into politics. However, despite requests for participation from some of those in close races, she made no public appearances or endorsements, according to a source with knowledge.

Ivanka Trump’s life, according to everyone who spoke with them, is focused on her three small children. One of the persons with knowledge of family communications claims that even while she hasn’t spoken to Donald Trump directly about her disinterest in running for office again, he is aware that any effort wouldn’t involve his daughter.

Additionally, Trump would not have his son-in-law Jared Kushner, who served as the White House’s gatekeeper and was one of the most well-connected and important figures during his administration. Jared Kushner “does not intend to join the campaign and get back active,” according to a source aware of his goals. Jared Kushner’s spokeswoman was contacted, but no reaction was given.

The person said Kushner and his father-in-law get along well and that Kushner “makes an effort to be with (Trump),” but that should Trump run for office again, he would only sometimes offer advice.

Being his father-in-law, I’m sure (Jared) will be put to the test in a variety of ways, but even so, it would be very different from the manner he had previously offered assistance. In contrast to Trump, Kushner, who currently heads a private equity firm, has “moved on” from the previous several years.

Trump is probably aware of Ivanka’s and Jared’s disinterest in running for office. Melania Trump held just three solo campaign events for her husband before the 2020 election, doing nothing in the way of stumping for him during his first run for the White House.

There is no sign that Melania Trump would alter her routine or participate actively in any prospective campaign. When asked if she could live in the White House again during an interview in May, all she would say was “Never say never.” There were only four chairs set up for the Trump family in Ohio last week during a rally for JD Vance, where it was speculated that Trump would declare his most recent bid for the presidency. They were assigned to Donald Trump Jr. and Kimberly Guilfoyle as well as Eric and Lara Trump.

To his buddies, Donald Trump Jr. is conveying many messages. If Don Jr. announces his candidacy next week, a person familiar with his thinking responds when asked if he will campaign on his behalf: “Of course!” Don Jr. is unafraid of another Trump administration, unlike his stepmother, sister, and brother-in-law.

He will be out there running for his dad, the individual said. A Donald Trump Jr. spokeswoman was contacted, but they did not hear back. The current closest family advisor to Trump is Don Jr. has become a crucial player in the future of Trumpian politics, unlike his presidential years when Ivanka and Jared were in the inner circles. But that doesn’t mean Don Jr. wants to take Ivanka’s and Jared’s place.

The source claims, “He does not want the Jared behind-the-scenes role,” and adds that Don Jr. is not a fan of Trump’s micromanagement. The person cites Don Jr.’s urging that Trump not declare his candidacy before the midterm elections as an example of how Don Jr. doesn’t hesitate to voice his strong thoughts about matters impacting his father. He simply didn’t believe it made sense.

Should his father run for office again, Don Jr. will thrive on opinions and appearances, but the eldest Trump son will object to having a clear job description. The source asserts that Don Jr. will not serve as the shadow campaign manager and that his priorities will instead be his five children, his publishing business, and “hunting.”

Eric Trump, and probably more so his wife Lara Trump, who is a frequent guest on conservative news networks, will participate in a Trump second act at a level closer to that of Don Jr. than Ivanka and Jared.

According to the majority of those who contacted, Tiffany Trump won’t be changing seating arrangements to separate the pro- and anti-campaign factions of the family over their patriarch’s political aspirations. Mar-a-Lago will reopen in full force in time for Tiffany’s wedding to Boulos, the son of a successful businessman who owns numerous firms in Nigeria. Mar-a-Lago was closed due to the hurricane until Friday at 6 p.m.

There won’t be any power struggles or disagreements at the wedding. According to someone acquainted with the event, which is expected to cost $1 million, “It’s going to be a day that is all about Tiffany.” One of the people who spend time with the siblings said, “They get along fine. They don’t always speak about politics and their dad when they are together. They are, believe it or not, a rather typical family.