Tim CommerFord Reveals he has Prostate Cancer

Tim Commerford Reveals he has Prostate Cancer

Tim Commerford Reveals he has Prostate Cancer: Rage Against the Machine bassist Tim Commerford has revealed he has prostate cancer. Commerford, who went on tour with the band last summer, claims he was aware of his illness but still gave a good performance.

He revealed to Spin magazine, “Right before I was ready to go on tour with Rage, I had my prostate removed, and I have prostate cancer. Commerford, 54, continued, “I’ve always been someone who took a lot of interest in being in shape and taking care of myself. But it’s a situation where you’re either lucky or you’re not.

Commerford claimed that, in the wake of the diagnosis, he has attempted to maintain optimism. “With all that is happening to me right now, I question whether my feelings are related to my cancer. Do I have cancer since I’m losing my hair? Whatever it is, it makes me worry if my disease is the reason it’s happening, he added.

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It’s difficult to find people and to talk about it, therefore I’ve been looking for support groups. I’ve never experienced pain quite like that, he stated, referring to the physical suffering that followed the operation.

Commerford claimed that he had no intention of disclosing his illness, but that the discovery that Duran Duran guitarist Andy Taylor also has prostate cancer inspired him to do so. Commerford witnessed the band’s recent induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame on television, but Taylor was not present.

“When I saw them on stage, I questioned why they had this other guy in here and where Andy Taylor was! Then it said something to the effect of “Andy Taylor has stage 4 prostate cancer and is impossible to survive,” he recalled.

My life is somewhat similar to that. Many people suffer from it. Many people have the question, “Where do you go?” A therapist is not accessible. You should only speak to someone who is experiencing it. Commerford claims that throughout the trip, his bandmates were aware of his condition, and he is still dedicated to maintaining the best possible health.

Commerford added that he sees the bright side of his situation and hopes that it will benefit others. When people learn about it, he hoped that just one person would read this and say,  I need to get checked out.”