TJ miller Says He Won't Work With Ryan Reynolds AgainTJ miller Says He Won't Work With Ryan Reynolds Again

TJ Miller Says He Won’t Work With Ryan Reynolds Again

After the two had a “strange time” together on set, controversial actor and comedian T.J. Miller claim he wouldn’t be interested in returning for Deadpool 3 or working with Ryan Reynolds ever again, even if he were asked.

Miller, who portrayed the frank bartender Weasel in the first two movies in the trilogy and has been involved in several conflicts over the years, claims that Reynolds used to denigrate him in front of the cast and crew and that he feels Reynolds dislikes him.

“He was like, horribly rude to me as the role. though to me. I feel like Weasel “In his explanation on The Adam Carolla Show, Miller. “You know what I admire about you, Weasel? We can leave and return to the real movie when you provide exactly the right amount of humorous exposition, even though you aren’t the main character.”


Miller claimed that the punch caught him off guard. He stated, “I just kind of listened and thought it was weird, and then I got off stage because they were like, “Cut…?,” adding that the cast and crew appeared uneasy as well.

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Miller added that there was more to the interaction than what was visible on TV. He deadpanned, “That’s exactly why he said that.” “I mean, I’m not even more fun than he is, right? And I haven’t appeared in any more films than he has.”

Miller claimed that the incident revealed all there was to know about Reynolds. “Would I reteam with him? No. He said, “I wouldn’t work with him again, but I sort of wish him luck since he’s so amazing at Deadpool and I find it odd that he despises me.”

Throughout his career, the comedian actor has actively sought out controversy. In 2017, a lady accused him of sexual assault, which he vigorously denied. He was charged with bullying a fellow actor on the HBO series Silicon Valley set a year later, which he again denied, but was struck off the project.

Miller was additionally detained in 2018 for allegedly making a false bomb threat on an Amtrak train; however, the federal charges against him were ultimately dropped due to Miller’s prior brain surgery.

Even while Reynolds portrays the Merc with a Mouth as an “insecure dude” in real life, Miller insisted throughout the Carolla Show interview that he appreciates Reynolds’ performance in that role.

He said, “He’s such a fantastic comic that he’s so quick and so amusing when you cover his face. “I adore him as a comedian, but I believe that things changed once he became quite well-known thanks to the first Deadpool. I believe he said, “See? You two see?”

Miller said that his position on working with Reynolds might alter despite his remarks. He continued, “I’ve said that about Michael Bay, and now we’re friends, and I would work with him again.” Bay, however, has a “very particular impression” of Reynolds after the two of them collaborated on the 2019 movie 6 Underground.

Weasel won’t appear in any more Deadpool movies, though. He said, “I honestly don’t think you should do something for more than five years. “I think it’s strange to just play Weasel again 10 years later.”

But he said, “They don’t have my bad intentions. I believe [Reynolds] should do a Deadpool 3 and carry on with his filmmaking. I simply believe that he dislikes me, and I found his manner of expressing it to be peculiar.” When EW contacted Reynolds for comment, no one from the company responded right away.