Tornadoes Rip Roof Off Apartment in Mississippi, Alabama

Tornadoes Rip Roof Off Apartment in Mississippi, Alabama

Following nighttime storms that raked the state, the Birmingham office of the National Weather Service is still assessing the damage. Officials from the NWS decided to increase the devastating Montgomery County tornado’s preliminary size and strength to an EF-2 on Wednesday afternoon.

According to the Montgomery County Emergency Management Agency, the upgrade indicates that the tornado that struck the Flatwood neighborhood in the county’s north had speeds of up to 115 mph.

A woman and her 8-year-old kid were two of the people murdered when a tree fell on their mobile home, according to governor Kay Ivey. A third resident of the house, who can only be named as a guy, is receiving treatment at a local hospital.

Montgomery County Commissioner Isaiah Sankey stated, “We’re praying for the family. “We just want the family members to know that we’re there for them and that we’ll have the resources they need to get through this,” they said.

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Additionally, we are not even concerned about rebuilding when you mention it. We are currently only lamenting the loss of life caused by this awful event. Although little is known about their deaths, authorities claimed that a tree falling on the house was to blame.

When someone passes away during a storm, it is always a terrible day, according to Montgomery County Sheriff Derrick Cunningham. “I can’t say enough good things about the men and women of the volunteer fire department from North Montgomery Pike Road, and we’re even more grateful for these first responders that came out to Hill on the search and rescue.

When they received that call, Montgomery Fire Rescue responded and brought in their heavy rescue equipment, but they did not bring in some of the items that we required to make this. First responders are still on the scene, Cunningham added, going house to door to make sure everyone is okay.

“We’ll keep doing that until we’re certain that everyone is there and accounted for. That is our priority, according to Cunningham. More complaints of fell trees, powerlines, and trees on residences have been received, according to the Montgomery County EMA.

The Union Academy Missionary Baptist Church’s pastor has announced that the church will welcome residents of the Flatwood neighborhood at 5:30 p.m. Residents will be provided with the resources they need to assist them in cleaning up during a meeting.